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San Francisco: CAAMFest 2014 Opens Tonight, Runs Through March 23

SAN FRANCISCO — The Center For Asian American Media (CAAM) builds on its history of film, music and food with the launch of CAAMFest 2014. The 11-day festival brings “stories to light” from 20 different countries showcasing talent and artistry … Continue reading

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In-N-Out Burger Opens in Taipei for 2 Hrs

Apparently Ang Lee and I are not the only people of Taiwanese descent that love In-N-Out Burgers. The chain recently decided to torture their fans in Taiwan by opening up for a planned 4 hours to sell only 300 burgers, … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: PG&E is Me: Hear from Sandy Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s no surprise that I see television commercials for Pacific Gas & Electric (commonly known as PG&E). So it was nice to see this ad highlighting a San Francisco native, Sandy Locke, … Continue reading

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3 Years Later: Recovery Continues from 2011 Tohoku Japanese Quake and Tsunami

In 2011, when news struck of the quake and tsunami, I remember watching in horror as video footage began broadcasting on NHK. As it turned out, the quake was just a precursor to more horrific disasters to come. The tsunami … Continue reading

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Traveling Taiwan: Public Transportation (Part 3 of 24)

Taiwan has many levels of convenient public transportation: Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railway, and the Metro systems in all the major cities (e.g. Taipei MRT). All this on top of Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Taiwan Tour Bus and ubiquitous taxis … Continue reading

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Mike Honda Receives Endorsement of California Democratic Party

Silicon Valley, CA – Yesterday, Congressman Mike Honda received the sole endorsement of the California Democratic Party (CDP) for his re-election in California’s 17th Congressional District. The endorsement follows an overwhelming show of support for Honda at last month’s Pre-Endorsement … Continue reading

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Shannon Knapp, Please Sign Jenny Liou to Invicta!

Dear Shannon Knapp, First and foremost, thank you for Invicta. It’s an understatement to say that it has been a blessing to women’s MMA and women’s combat sports. I check Invicta news every day, and I noticed that in the … Continue reading

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Is Japanese American Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto the Founder of Bitcoin? Reporters Chase Him Across Los Angeles

One of the biggest stories of the day today is that Newsweek’s Leah McGrath Goodman revealed the alleged true identity of the supposed founder of Bitcoin, which had been credited to “Satoshi Nakamoto.” In the detailed investigative report, the article … Continue reading

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8Asians Visit Asian America: Martial Arts History Museum

Visit Asian America. Asian America is not just an identity or an idea, it’s a place as well. It is America, and certain parts of America distinctly embody the Asian American homeland. Join us as we highlight different Asian American … Continue reading

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Attack on Titan: The Game

So apparently, some totally obsessed fan made a tribute game to the anime and manga series Attack on Titan. I totally understand how this fan feels. It’s simply terrible sitting around waiting for the next season to be made and … Continue reading

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The Koga System – An Asian American Martial Art

Years ago when  I saw a policeman on the TV news restrain a protester using an Aikido sankyo grip, I thought to myself, “where did the cop learn that technique?”  Only after reading an obituary did I found out.   Johnny … Continue reading

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Traveling Taiwan: Flight (Part 2 of 24)

The old adage that half the fun is getting there couldn’t be more true. When we booked the flight with the popular Taiwanese airline EVA Air, we didn’t think the one we got was going to be one of the … Continue reading

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