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April 1st: They’re All So Beautiful: Episode 1: What is “Yellow Fever”?

As I had blogged about when reviewing Seeking Asian Female, Director Debbie Lum had hundreds of hours of footage for her documentary that she did not use. Her original intent prior to focusing on the story of Steven and Sandy … Continue reading

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Trailer for ‘Boystown’ Web Series: Episode “Gaysian”

Boystown is the working title for a proposed web series about 3 gay men, with the lead character being an Asian Canadian. The three lead actors are Richard Lee, Adamo Ruggiero, and Ben Lewis and the footage is from a … Continue reading

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‘Do Not Marry Before Age 30’ Author Joy Chen is Misanthropic and Myopic

It is a truth universally acknowledged that [those who assume] a man in good fortune must be in want of a wife. Bullshit, I say, as I try to purge my mind from the insidious exposure I have had to … Continue reading

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New Garden Grove Councilman Celebrates Swearing in with a Marriage Proposal

Chris Phan, a newly elected Councilman for the city of Garden Grove, had a unique way to celebrate being sworn in – making a very public wedding proposal to his girlfriend Cindy Pham!  According to this interview, he checked first … Continue reading

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New York Times Writer Describes Mother’s White Worship One Day After UCLA Anti-Asian Racial Slurs

by Leeland Lee In a piece published online last Thursday in The New York Times entitled “A Messy Relationship,” Titi Nguyen describes her mother’s pivotal role in introducing her to her future significant other, a man by the name of … Continue reading

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A Trip To Shanghai’s Marriage Market

It’s not uncommon for single men and women to venture online to find love, but in Shanghai, some aging parents have been taking the initiative for their adult children with the “Marriage Market” in the People’s Square. Every weekend, these … Continue reading

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How Much Is An Asian American Spouse Worth?

How much is an Asian American spouse worth? Janis Spindel’s new Asian American matchmaking service will charge Asian American men a minimum of $5000 to match them with a prospective wife. What makes her think that men will pay that? … Continue reading

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Asian Jewish Couple Publishes Research on Asian Jewish Couples

We have talked about Asians and Jews a number of times at 8asians, from Jewish/Asian marriages, to building bonds between Asian and Jewish communities and comparing limits on Asian admissions to elite colleges to admission limits on Jews during the … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin in Public Service Announcement about Dating Violence

Jeremy Lin has joined Eli Manning, David Beckham and others in this Public Service Announcement about dating violence.  This is was produced by the White House as part of the 1is2many campaign.  According to the White House: “Despite the significant … Continue reading

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Breaking The Silence: Vagina Monologues and Domestic Violence

by Erin Jerri Malonzo Pangilinan I am a domestic violence survivor. It’s hard to have courage to speak these words to my family and close friends, let alone write that sentence for publication. I was afraid to talk about it. … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Gets A New Asian Wife!

Congratulations are in order for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his new wife, Priscilla Chan! Yes, the latter may have been Zuckerberg’s longtime girlfriend but she has now officially joined the ranks of other Asian trophy wives like Wendi Deng, … Continue reading

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Report Suggests Asian Americans Outmarrying Less To “Preserve Their Culture”

Via Jeff Yang at the Wall Street Journal: “Apparently, more and more Asian Americans are defying convention by… marrying Asian Americans. […] That’s interesting in and of itself. But it’s the reason given for this fall in Asian American outmarriage … Continue reading

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