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Pack Your Bags: An Uncut Version of “Lust, Caution” Awaits

In today’s New York Times, the newspaper reports in the story “Cinephiles, Pack Your Bags. An Uncut Version Awaits“: “SHANGHAI — For weeks now, the ranks of Chinese visitors to Hong Kong have swelled with a brand-new category of tourists: … Continue reading

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Electric bicycles on the rise in China

With gas prices on the rise, even with the car manufacturing boom in China, most people still cannot afford to own a automobile. Thus, they’re moving to the next best thing. Electric bicycles. Truthfully, anyone that has ever ridden in … Continue reading

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Azn Television Creates Space for Community on their Website

AZN Television, the network for Asian Americans, launched a new community forum on their website called Outspoken. Clicking the links on the front page gets you to the AZN TV blog where two poets and two intern journalists post weekly. … Continue reading

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Dutch couple returns Korean adopted daughter cause she “doesn’t fit”

A Dutch diplomat and his wife dumped their eight year old Korean adopted daughter on Hong Kong officials claiming that she was unable to “fit in” with the family. Not surpringly, the couple’s horrific act has made headline news around … Continue reading

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Are Filipinos Asian or Pacific Islanders?

8 Asians was recently asked the question: Why do some Asian-Americans say that Filipinos are actually Pacific Islanders, and not really Asian? Our fearless leader Ernie threw the question out to the teaming masses and the answer we came up … Continue reading

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Asian Guys and that One Long Pinky Fingernail

One of the things that I’ve always wondered about, or at least, bugged the hell out of me is seeing Asian guys with one long pinkie fingernail. My first boyfriend had it, and he claimed that when he was having … Continue reading

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Video: Baun Mah’s “A Chink in the Armour”

Somehow, with all the embedded video clips of interracial dating movies and skits about Asian America, I missed Baun Mah’s 2005 short-film A Chink in the Armour, a kinda-sorta documentary about Chinese stereotypes and the tests he conducts as to … Continue reading

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For Chinese-Americans, Schools Earn the Prize

This New York Times article “For Chinese-Americans, Schools Earn the Prize“, was published back in early November, but I just got this sent to me a few days ago and thought it was interesting: “LAST February, Jerry Yang and his … Continue reading

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Grandma Master Flash

This is going ’round the interwebs already, but I figured what the hell? It’s a nice little Saturday post for you hung over folk partying late last night (or getting ready to go out today). Keep in mind: this woman … Continue reading

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Utada does a duet with… Ne-Yo?

Remember Utada? Fans of J-Pop would cut me in the face for asking that question, of course – Utada is the simply a moniker for Hikaru Utada, a New York born Japanese pop superstar. Fans – me included – were … Continue reading

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Speaking of “Yellow Face”: David Henry Hwang

AsianWeek’s recent review of infamous Yellow Face performance (which John blogged about earlier this week) seems particularly timely given that David Henry Hwang’s first new play in 10 years, Yellow Face, opened this week at the historic Public Theater in … Continue reading

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70 Years Ago Today: The Rape of Nanking

70 years ago today, December 13th, 1937, the Nationalist China capital city Nanking fell to the Japanese. What ensued over the next few months is known as “The Rape of Nanking.” In today’s New York Times, the newspaper reviews the … Continue reading

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