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The Parol, Our symbol for Christmas

If you drive through a neighborhood at Christmas time and see a vibrant blinking star with many different colors; it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve just passed a Filipino home. Christmas in the Philippines and practically everywhere else in … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to You, Happy Birthday To Us!

On behalf of everyone here at, I’d like to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas, or whatever the hell you guys celebrate. Oh, and another small footnote: was pretty much started around a year ago today, to … Continue reading

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Holiday Wonders

As someone who does support things because they are Asian, I almost bought my parents tickets to Holiday Wonders. The show, which plays in New York and also goes on tour, is a pastiche of dance and song and reminds … Continue reading

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POP 88 #15 – Christmas/Holiday Special!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Christmas, Holiday, Wintery music just in time for the Festive Season with music from J, K, Fly To the Sky, Ayumi Hamasaki and Gackt plus a whole lotta pictures goodness all wrapped up tightly in this Enhanced … Continue reading

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Harold & Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay Instead of Amsterdam

Aaah, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. You know the movie – two Asian American protagonists get really stoned, look for a White Castle, and somehow find Neal Patrick Harris and ride a cheetah instead. The movie did relatively … Continue reading

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Where Boys Were Kings, a Shift Toward Baby Girls

In today’s New York Times, the newspaper reports that in South Korea, “Where Boys Were Kings, a Shift Toward Baby Girls“: “According to a study released by the World Bank in October, South Korea is the first of several Asian … Continue reading

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‘Bringin’ Sexy (Beijing) Back’

I came across this ongoing series titled “Sexy Beijing” (credit goes to a commenter named “Craig” for bringing it to my attention). Apparently, it’s been around for over a year now and has slipped under our collective radars. Doh! In … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Shaped by Technology and Traffic

In today’s New York Times, the newspaper reports in “Silicon Valley Shaped by Technology and Traffic” how there are micro-industry niches based on technology, traffic patterns / location (SF vs. Silicon Valley), and several other factors, including ethnic ties: “Mr. … Continue reading

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The other day, I was watching TV and saw an American Express ad about some new “Plum Card” that they were promoting featuring the store, Pinkberry and Asian-American entrepreneurs Shelly Hwang and Young Lee (both originally from South Korea). According … Continue reading

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Trans-racial Adoptive Parents Behaving Badly

It has not been a good week for trans-racial adoptive parents.  First there was the case of the Dutch diplomat and his wife, which I wrote about earlier this week,  who dumped their adopted Korean daughter on Hong Kong officials after … Continue reading

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Lust Another Day at the Movies

Being an obsessive (though novice) Asian cinephile and eating up anything stamped ‘Wong Kar Wai’ and ‘Ang Lee’, I’ve been dying to see Lust Caution for a while now. So going overseas on a two week trip to Beijing and … Continue reading

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Quang Bao leaves the Asian American Writers’ Workshop

Quang Bao, executive director of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, is leaving the organization. The Workshop is a national not-for-profit arts organization devoted to the creating, publishing, developing and disseminating of creative writing by Asian Americans. Members of the workshop … Continue reading

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