Yet Another Reason You Shouldn’t Drink Too Much: Video Evidence of Drunkeness

We’ve covered the “Asian Flush” more than once and well, frankly, getting taped and humilated is a far worse consequence than turning red from alcohol. Well, that’s what I think, anyway.

Be careful who you are drinking with because they might capture your drunkest moments on video and share them on And then a bored blogger named Joz might come upon it and repost it on As a point of information, the vast majority of the people depicted on this website are non-Asian. In fact, there are only two videos (at this time) which come up in a search for “Asian.” So don’t be like this girl, who is probably hoping no one recognizes her because we all look same:

It’s Saturday afternoon and I know many of us are preparing for a night out of drinking and general debauchery. Back in the day before cheap digital cameras and cell phones that could record your every move, you could go out, drink until you started showing people your tits (NSFW), and no one would remember what had happened. Not anymore.

You have been warned.

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