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Japanese Snail Salon I used to play with garden snails all the time as a kid, collecting them, feeding them, and racing them. They are the cutest little things. But letting them crawl across my face as an anti-aging salon treatment? Um, … Continue reading

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Racist Tweets Arise Immediately as First Indian American Miss America is Crowned

The story on this site should have been that four five Asian American/Pacific Islander contestants graced the stage in Atlantic City and that three of them placed in the Top 5: Nina Davuluri of New York was crowned Miss America, … Continue reading

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Real Beauty: Feeling Beautiful and the Asian American Identity

By Joy Yun After seeing Dove’s most recent “Real Beauty” Campaign video, I was inspired to write this. I generally found the piece uplifting and agree with its message. There is truth in what they are saying: when it comes to self image, as women … Continue reading

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An Unconventional Activist: Princess Joules

Julie Van Vu, better known by her YouTube vlogger handle Princess Joules, inspires me. I first stumbled upon her channel when I was searching online for eye makeup tutorials. Hers are amazing. I tried my best to replicate the above-pictured … Continue reading

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Miss Korea 2013: One Dream, One Face

Photo: via Reddit When I first saw the candidates of Miss Korea 2013, I had no idea they were beauty pageant contestants and just remarked how even I, as an Asian female had trouble telling them apart. The beauty pageant … Continue reading

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The Real Bodies Manifesto: Finding Each Other

A note from Thick Dumpling Skin’s co-founder, Lisa Lee: Almost a year ago, Retrofit Republic’s Community Heroes Lookbook landed on my radar. I drooled over this lookbook at my desk, and almost died of happiness that they used real people … Continue reading

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Do Asians Have The Softest Skin?

A non-Asian ex-girlfriend once told me that my skin was really soft. Not just kinda soft but REALLY soft. Baby butt soft. She asked if I did “anything” to my skin. I told her no. At first, she didn’t believe … Continue reading

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How High Heels Are Today’s Foot-binding

When I read the article about Chinese foot-binding in the Los Angeles Times, I really found it highlighted the complexity of the practice of foot-binding. On the one hand it was a painful, dangerous, demeaning, and debilitating practice that women … Continue reading

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Sulwhasoo Niemen Marcus West Coast Launch At the San Francisco Asian Art Museum

Sulwhasoo invited 8Asians to partake in the Niemen Marcus Launch Party to celebrate the long-anticipated arrival of this amazing Korean cosmetics line here on the west coast. Fashion journalists and bloggers were invited to the Asian Art Museum to meet … Continue reading

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Former Miss USA Rima Fakih Arrested for Drunk Driving

Rima Fakih, you are a complex woman: On one hand, you were the first Muslim and Arab American Miss USA. On the other hand, you dressed up as a sexy Halloween version of the eagle from the back of a … Continue reading

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Do All Asians Have Flat Butts?

I like big butts and I can not lie You other brothers can’t deny – SIR MIX-A-LOT, “Baby Got Back” Every time I hear those lyrics, I cringe. Why? Because I admit that I have a flat butt. Please, no … Continue reading

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