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The Travel Channel: The Layover with Anthony Bourdain – Taipei I’ve watched on-and-off The Travel Channel’s show, The Layover with Anthony Bourdain, after reading a review of the television series in the New York Times when the show first premiered in the Fall of 2011. Recently, I saw my … Continue reading

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Hollywood Jumping Through China’s Censorship Hoops

A week before the Mayan apocalypse, I was all a chuckle over how China’s cultural authorities limited the number of historical dramas on TV to 10%. I suppose it’s only from my spoiled American kid’s perspective that censorship of this … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama Wears Another Jason Wu Dress for Inauguration Ball

Four years ago, Michelle Obama’s decision to wear a Jason Wu gown for the President Obama’s 2009 inaugural ball brought Taiwanese American designer Jason Wu into the world’s spotlight. On the occasion of her husband’s second inauguration, the First Lady … Continue reading

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Judge Refuses to Block California Shark Fin Ban

U.S. District judge Phyllis Hamilton refused to block the enforcement of California’s ban on the sale of shark fins, rejecting charges that the law is discriminatory against Chinese Americans.  Two organizations, Asian Americans for Political Advancement and the San Francisco … Continue reading

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Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant Or McDonald’s?

This time of year, for those who do not celebrate Christmas, and those who do not have family to celebrate Christmas with, there’s always the question of where you can go to eat on Christmas day, and traditionally that answer … Continue reading

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The Happy Minimalist On Living The Simple Life

Back in 2009, I blogged about my Singaporean American friend Peter Lawrence’s self-published book, The Happy Minimalist – Financial Independence, Good Health, and A Better Planet for Us All. Now,  Kirsten Dirksen, co-founder of *faircompanies (a news/blog/video site focused on … Continue reading

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Chibi Silver Charm Bracelet

“Take home a piece of inner peace” is the slogan to Jizo and Chibi’s jewelry lines.  The Chibi jewelry line is representative of a “little one” that is energetic and expressive: it takes on the upside-down approach to life.  Pictured … Continue reading

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LollaCup Sippy Cup

A good sippy cup, perhaps like the perfect shade of foundation, is hard to find. Some cups have straws which are impossible for toddlers to drink out of, and normal sippy cups could be linked to delayed speech development. Luckily, … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures T-Shirt

Everyone has their own personal musical guilty pleasure. Whether you’re a metalhead who loves Lady Gaga or a techno-junkie with a soft spot for Kenny G. With this Guilty Pleasures T-Shirt ($18.25 + shipping), you can show off how those … Continue reading

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What The Pho T-Shirt

Start up companies have been a recent phenomenon with the ease of promoting and advertising products using today’s website technologies.  ASN Clothing, a small online clothing shop, produces t-shirts with cute panda prints and phrases.  The one pictured above is … Continue reading

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Ninja Rider Threadless T-Shirt

Just because you’re a ninja doesn’t mean that you can’t be efficient. This Ninja Rider Threadless T-Shirt ($12.95) shows that not all ninjas just run around and and throw shuriken–they can go on a pretty mean bike ride, too. Since … Continue reading

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“Dial” Phone Accessory

Imagine a world where your fashion accessory is your phone, a watch, and just plain cute. With this “Dial” concept design, maybe all this will be possible in the future. The bracelet acts as a rotary dial for your phone, … Continue reading

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