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Taiwanese Susan Boyle’s Duet with William Shatner

Earlier this month, Ernie wondered if Asian talk shows understood how viral Eric Lin A.K.A. Lin Yu-Chun A.K.A. Taiwanese Susan Boyle was becoming in North America. Yeah, I don’t have an answer for that, though I did see him on … Continue reading

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The Tiger Woods Scandal (According to Taiwan)

Oh, Tiger Woods. You have everything in the world, including a hot model wife and a pair of multi-racial children (who I like to believe symbolize world peace and racial unity or whatever), but you just had to go mess … Continue reading

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How Do You Draw Asian Women?

Here’s a list of the reasons why this video is so wrong: There is no one way to draw an Asian woman. Upturned eyes? Small nose? Beautiful, big and full lips? Really? According to eHow, people were genuinely asking how … Continue reading

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Japanese Show Demonstrates: Rise & Shine in Five Minutes

Over at Bicoastal Bitchin, I caught the above segment and found it too useful entertaining not to share. Assuming I haven’t stayed up all night due to insomnia, I usually have a hard time waking up and getting ready for … Continue reading

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Angry Asian Vlogger: Peter Chao

Canadian vlogger and aspiring filmmaker Peter Chao has been making Internet waves over his YouTube videos, featuring his opinions on topics from Kanye West’s outburst at the MTV VMA’s to hot women, all while donning shades and a thick Chinese … Continue reading

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Jen Kwok’s “Date An Asian” Music Video featuring Soce

Just before we broke for the weekend, Moye shared this NSFW video with the other 8Asians writers. “Date An Asian” is a comedic R&B song written by musician/comedian Jen Kwok. In the style of “a mid-tempo Mariah Carey club joint”, … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes with the Ladies of Disgrasian: Jen & Diana

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet up with Disgrasian gals for a late lunch. Even though we’re all in L.A., this is the first time we’ve had a chance to meet, sit and talk. While admittedly a lot … Continue reading

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New YouTube Channel: DaPhamily

Move over, Ryan Higa and other Asian YouTubers attempting to find fame online with their silly little videos. I’m placing all my bets on young DaPhamily who’s been making his own waves around the Internet tubes with his youthful exuberance … Continue reading

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Ryan Higa’s Channel is #1 for YouTube Subscribers

While Hollywood studios are busy making light of hate crimes on Asians,  Ryan “Nigahiga” Higa’s “Asian” style video channel is, at of time of this post, the most subscribed channel on YouTube.  In the video below, he thanks his fans … Continue reading

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Philanthropy YouTube Style

“Maybe we can see Kevjumba!” The Daughter was excited about that possibility of meeting the YouTube star Kevin Wu as we neared U.C. Davis.    I had a meeting there with a graduate student who I collaborate with on research, and … Continue reading

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Japanese Dog Does Squats with Owner, in Better Shape than 90% of all Americans*

Maybe you’ve seen the video of a border collie doing squats alongside a Japanese guy. No? Is this a fluke? No! Check them out– outdoors work out! Even though you’ll see this video out there “from” other sources, these videos … Continue reading

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