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Ask an Asian: A Korean Grandmothers’s Unauthorized Visits

(Every so often, we here at 8Asians get e-mails asking for advice. Here is someone — let’s call her “M” — asking for advice on how to deal with her intruding grandmother-in-law.) Could you and your fellow 8Asians contributors help … Continue reading

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Interviewing Se7en: He Likes Them Countries That’s Hard to Get

Korea based popstar Se7en invited 8asian to his Manhattan crib for an interview on Friday. Very well known in both Korea and Japan, he is now ready to conquer the United States. Friday night, he held a concert at The Circle club in midtown which caters to a mostly Asian audience. Se7en is getting ready to release a full English album with well established guest stars such as Lil’Kim. 8asians met with him for some details, drinks and good times. Continue reading

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TOKYO! comes out tonight in selected cities… winner of our SF giveaway announced!

Thanks to the people who entered the giveaway for the TOKYO! tickets. Sorry we didn’t have more tickets to giveaway, but if you’re in a city where it’s playing, you can probably still BUY tickets to see the movie when … Continue reading

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How to Meet Asian Women on Facebook

A friend of mine updated his status message on Facebook with the following: Hmm. On second thought, I guess that’s really “How to get targeted for ads on ‘How to Meet Asian Women’ on Facebook.” Either way, I filed this … Continue reading

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BoA’s Self-Titled Album Debuts This Week

So after all the hype, two videos, media interviews in English and performances in smaller venues as an iterative experiment on how to properly market a Korean pop star in the United States, BoA has finally released her self-titled English … Continue reading

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Rejecting Demeaning ESL Tests

When I began reading this article on a student who is getting suspended for refusing to take a “racist” test, I could feel my blood boil — I’m mad for this young woman who was treated in such a severe … Continue reading

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Photo Zen: Family Portrait, Richmond VA, 1960

(Flickr photo credit: The Library of Virginia)

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Peering Through The Glass Ceiling

Readers of 8asians may not realize this, but writing for this blog doesn’t pay the rent, so most of the writers here have day jobs. I’m no exception. My day job is in marketing for a high technology company in … Continue reading

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Not Enough Foreigners Learning Chinese, say Officials

Reuters came out with an article about how China’s officials are worried too few foreigners are learning Chinese. There has been a big rise in the number of foreigners learning Chinese, but still too few are studying the language, officials … Continue reading

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Los Angeles: Giant Robot Silverlake Closing Sale, Now 30% off Storewide

Giant Robot Silverlake is closing March 28th so now is the time to check out their closing sale if you haven’t done so already. The sale began on March 10 — originally 20% off and an additional 5% on already … Continue reading

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Asian BMI: How I Became Obese in Ten Seconds

I knew my blood pressure was a problem, but I never took my Body Mass Index (BMI), a measure of body fat, very seriously.  I showed my reading, which indicated that I was overweight, to my doctor. “You can’t use … Continue reading

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Finding Religion

My parents each had their own religion. My mom was a practicing Buddhist and my dad would profess to anyone who would listen that he was Catholic. As for attending church or temple, as a family we rarely did either. … Continue reading

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