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Asian American is Spokesman for West Point Group Fighting “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

Being a liberal in California meant that last November 4th was, unlike most of the rest of the United States, a bittersweet day that represented not only hope, on the part of Barack Obama (or, as I like to call … Continue reading

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Asian Noodles In The News

Food seems to be an all important topic among Asians, so what better food to talk about than Asian Noodles. 8asians has of course written about instant yakisoba recently and even had a discussion about instant noodles in reference to … Continue reading

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Photo Zen: Lower East Side NYC, 1966

(Flickr photo credit: George Eastman House)

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Do You Have To Be Chinese To Produce Chinese Art?

Princeton University’s Art Museum has a new exhibition called “Outside In”, a showcase to modern Chinese Art. There are six artists featured, and the exhibition suggests that Chinese Art does not need to come from someone who is Chinese ethnically. … Continue reading

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“Asian Flush” Means Higher Risk for Different Cancers

So during one of my recent pharmacy school interviews, I was asked about the future of pharmacy. After I mentioned about how pharmacogenomics, or how genetics influences drug metabolism, will be used to help create drugs to benefit people of … Continue reading

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The Happy Minimalist

Last year, my friend Peter self-published his book, The Happy Minimalist – Financial Independence, Good Health, and A Better Planet for Us All. Peter is a Singaporean American, though his philosophy and way of living may be appealing to all … Continue reading

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Asian American Fraternity Hazing Profiled in the Media

It’s a rough week to be the PR spokesman of Lambda Phi Epsilon, the nation’s most visible Asian American fraternity this week. The Daily Beast recently did a story about the unspoken physical hazing in Asian American fraternities, and was … Continue reading

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Racism: There’s No “Reverse” About It

Hyphen’s recent blog post about Princeton University’s “Reverse Racism” was amusing to me, especially since the terminology was used incorrectly — it’s not reverse racism, it’s just racism. (Especially ironic since I learned this after I moved to the South.) … Continue reading

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Lone White Girl at BoA Show Clearly Wants to Be on the Other Side of the Mall

Every once in a while, I get e-mails of images from PR agencies; this PR package included a photo from BoA’s recent performance at Universal CityWalk with a crowd photo, for some reason. Very well, then. Check out the girl … Continue reading

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Someone Terrified of Japanese Businessmen on PostSecret

Did anyone else catch this postcard in the latest batch of PostSecret secrets? This is the second time that I’ve seen an anti-Asian secret being revealed (the first one was about being extremely terrified of Chinese people) and I’m wondering … Continue reading

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International Secret Agents

If International Secret Agents was a representation of Asian American artists, we’ve got a long way to go. Continue reading

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POP 88 #30 – Still Around

Hey Everyone, Apologizes for the delay in getting this episode out. I explain all in the podcast so please listen. Some new and old tracks played in this episode including new/ established artists The Shinbi and HybRefine. As always if … Continue reading

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