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60 Minutes: Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong & Disrupting Cancer

I regularly watch 60 Minutes every Sunday evening, and was pleasantly surprised to watch this segment on Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a native of South Africa, and a naturalized U.S. citizen. I think 8Asians has blogged about him, and I remember … Continue reading

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Michelle Waterson Headlines InvictaFC10, Defending Belt, Fighting Herica Tiburcio Tonight

Get more pictures like this from SHERDOG.COM Invicta FC 10 was supposed to feature heavy-hitter Cristiane Cyborg as headliner, but sadly an injury canceled those plans. On the bright side, Michelle Waterson will be defending her belt against Herica Tiburcio … Continue reading

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Harvard and UNC Chapel Hill Discrimination Suits: Good or Bad for Asian Americans?

Harvard and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill have been sued for their admissions practices by the organization Project for Fair Representation.  The suit says that Harvard and UNC Chapel Hill are making admissions harder for Asian Americans than … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: ‘Office Holiday Party – Discover it Card Rewards’

I caught this commercial Discover credit card commercial recently and found it pretty entertaining, though I’m not surprised the Asian American female office worker had dated a white male co-worker named Gary last year, but admits that he was a mistake … Continue reading

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J-Drama Review: Great Teacher Onizuka I’ve had a personal goal this year to solidify my Japanese language skills. Having been exposed to it as a kid in Taiwan around my grandparents and studied it on my own on and off while immersing myself in … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Eatery Served Double Dose of Discrimination to Asian Diners: Lawsuit

by Leeland Lee What’s the only thing worse than discrimination? How about discrimination topped with self-discrimination? Hitting various news outlets today is a report that Cesar Ramirez, head chef of the swank Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, openly discriminated against … Continue reading

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Earwax: We Are Not Created Equal

It might be just me, but I assumed that everyone had the same earwax. But while researching my last article (Do Asians Smell?) I found out that (most) Asians have completely different earwax than those of other races. I even … Continue reading

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