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Zuckerberg Family Wishing Happy Lunar New Year in Chinese The Zuckerberg family wishes everyone Happy Lunary New Year in Chinese. Let’s see if little Max gets to go to a bilingual Chinese-English school and upstage mom and dad with mad Chinese language skills in the future.

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8Asians News: Kung Fu Actor Tien Feng 1928-2015

RIP Tien Fong-sad to report the passing of one the greatest actors in Hong Kong and Taiwan cinema, Tien appeared in over… Posted by The WU TANG COLLECTION on Thursday, October 29, 2015 Taiwanese and Hong Kong kung fu actor Tien … Continue reading

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8AsiansNews: Debate on Affirmative Action Debate held at Harvard University discusses the question “Does Affirmative Action On Campus Do More Harm Than Good?” as featured on NPR Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates Podcast.

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8AsiansNews: Venomous Sea Snake in Gulf of Thailand

Highly venomous sea snakes are harvested from the ocean in the Gulf of Thailand to fill a growing demand for the consumption of these snakes in food, drinks, and medicine all around Asia, as documented and reported by National Geographic … Continue reading

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8AsiansNews: Giant Freshwater Stingray in Southeast Asia

A giant freshwater stingray, was found in Southeast Asia, and is possibly the largest freshwater fish in the world, as reported by National Geographic Fellow Zeb Hogan. The stingray is featured in a series about monster fish that are endangered.

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8Asians News: Lee Byung-hun Plays T-1000 in “Terminator Genysis”

South Korean heart throb star and martial artist Lee Byung-hun takes on the role of T-1000 in the newest Terminator franchise installment “Terminator Genysis“. Lee is familiar to American viewers from previous role as Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe: The … Continue reading

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8asians News: 8,000 Chinese Students Expelled from US Schools

As reported in Wall Street Journal, U.S. institutions of higher education expelled an estimated 8,000 students last year for cheating and poor grades.

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8AsiansNews: TSA Regularly Finds Ninja Stars In Carry-On Luggage

#TSATravelTips – ALL martial art weapons are prohibited from being packed in carry-on bags. They may however be packed in checked baggage, but it’s best to check local laws to ensure your weapons aren’t illegal to possess. A photo posted … Continue reading

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8Asians News: Carrie Fisher Undresses Ming Na Wen @ Dallas Comiccon

Howdy Dallas! Who's kickin' it with me tomorrow at @dallascomiccon? I brought the LA sunshine & my cowgirl boots! A photo posted by Ming-Na Wen (@mingna_wen) on May 29, 2015 at 4:43pm PDT At the Dallas Comicon, both Carrie Fisher … Continue reading

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8Asians News: Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE

Nearly two decades after the first release, a remake of the wildly popular and epic Final Fantasy 7 has been announced bringing this classic game up to date. Production on this remake has already begun, and it will be available … Continue reading

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8Asians News: Study Finds Tiger Parenting Not Common Among Chinese American Parents

As reported in Forbes, a 8-year study on over 400 Chinese American families by Su Yeong Kim et. al. published in Asian American Journal of Psychology has found that not only is tiger parenting NOT common among those families studied … Continue reading

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2015 Austin Asian American Film Fest Early Submission Deadline on June 1st

The Austin Asian American Film Festival (AAAFF) is one of the premiere Asian American festivals in the American Southwest. The festival is committed to bringing the best in Asian and Asian American cinema to the vibrant city of Austin. It … Continue reading

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