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‘Catcher in the Rye’ and Exotic Asian Women

So I was re-reading “Catcher in the Rye” twenty years after I first read it as a high school teen, and aside from feeling annoyed about viewing the world through the eyes of a rich white boy, I was extra … Continue reading

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How to NOT Objectify Asian Women

Recently, Kristina Wong was featured in New York Times in a video series called “Off Color”, and I visited her artist website and also discovered her satire dating site about the objectification of Asian women,, where she and volunteers … Continue reading

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Asian Men Making a Comeback in the Dating Scene, Thanks to Linsanity?

by Leeland Lee The headline from the Huffington Post was grim: “Black People and Asian Men Have a Much Harder Time Dating on OKCupid.” Reading this, I braced myself to be castigated, to be verbally castrated. The article linked to … Continue reading

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Video: Asian Woman Has White Fetish

Actor and writer Joy Regullano takes the “Asian fetish” dialogue that usually is directed at Asian/Asian American females and turns directs it at a white man for “White Fetish.” It’s nice to see someone do a funny take on “yellow … Continue reading

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8$: “I Will Marry Jeremy Lin” Project by Kristina Wong

8$ is a series which occasionally highlights interesting crowdfunding projects. Every day, the 8Asians team is inundated by many worthy pitches. We are unable to highlight every one that comes our way, or even the ones we might individually support. … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: “Twins” for Taco Bell’s Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco An Asian guy rarely gets the girl in a TV commercial, but two of them each getting a girl?  And in the same commercial?  And the girls are white too?  Not your typical TV commercial, but although I should … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Asian Family – BMW 3 Series Diesel TV Commercial A friend of mine posted this on my Facebook Timeline the other day, as he knows I blog for 8Asians. I haven’t seen this BMW commercial air on television, but my friend says he’s seen it locally in the … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: AT&T’s Network Guys I noticed this commercial because it has many of my favorite (or perhaps least favorite) Asian American stereotypes: Nerdy Asian technical guy White guy in charge Asian guy awkward with white women The Asian guy is surprised when his … Continue reading

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On Chocolate Roses or Why Asian Dramas Are The Worst

By Sean Miura In high school I had a crush on this girl. She was funny and bubbly and outgoing. I was serious and self deprecating and reclusive. Perfect match. 15 year old Sean had no idea how the whole … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Asian Men by Leaving the US

“So, before moving to Korea, why did I not realize the potential in Asian men?  Because for the first 21 years of my life, the United States had deceived me.” With so much focus on how men fetishize Asian women, … Continue reading

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Rent-A-Boyfriend: China Edition

Just in time for the holiday season, when kind-meaning aunties and uncles sometimes ask why you’re single, why you don’t have a date, and why you’re not giving your parents grandchildren yet, you might remember that renting a boyfriend is … Continue reading

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Kristina Wong on “Alicia Menendez Tonight:” Why Everyone Wants to Date Asian Women

Just in time for the holidays, the return of a favorite 8Asians topic: dating Asian women. Are You Interested, one of the largest Facebook-based dating apps, “analyzed over 2.4 million interactions among its current user base in the United States … Continue reading

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