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Daniel Henney is Agent Zero

For the K-drama lover and Sci-Fi fanatic in you, coming next year you’ll be able to see the American born, South Korean model turned actor Daniel Henney in X-Men Origins: Wolverine playing Agent Zero. Now this isn’t just a gratuitous … Continue reading

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66 years since 9066

I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but now that I’m in our fine nation’s capital, I’m reinvigorated… albeit tardy. 66 years ago, on February 19, 1942, United States Executive Order 9066 was issued during World War … Continue reading

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Cowardly assault at WSU a reminder of racial intolerance

As the years pass, you would have imagined that racial tolerance would be progressing. Yet an incident that occurred at my alma mater, Washington State University, spoke of regression. Why is this problematic? When I first read about this particular … Continue reading

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Asian-American Idol Watch: Ramiele Malubay

I’ll admit it – I haven’t been watching American Idol this year. I blame it on not having working cable, but from what I’ve been hearing the ratings have been going down the past couple of years anyway. Awkward first … Continue reading

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Couple Gives UCLA $1 Million to Further Chinese American Studies

Last month, The Los Angeles Times reported that Walter and Shirley Wang donated $1 million to UCLA to establish the nation’s first endowed academic chair on U.S.-China relations and Chinese American studies in the article “Couple gives UCLA $1 million … Continue reading

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Good things aren’t always expensive

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting David Liu, the founder of Good OS. You might have heard of them when they partnered with Everex to offer a sub $200 desktop called the gPC. The gPC runs on … Continue reading

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China’s Mao Offered to Send 10 Million Women to U.S. in 1973

Last week, the U.S. State Department released the a 268-page document titled “Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume XVIII, China, 1973-1976” which covered Henry Kissinger’s (Richard Nixon’s national security adviser) meeting with Mao Zedong on Feb. 17, 1973 … Continue reading

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II stix Back Online After Four Years

II stix, one of the first Asian American zines on the Internet, is back online after a four year hiatus, with a new redesign to boot. Also revived from Internet purgatory is one of the comics that editor Ki Han … Continue reading

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Asian Fit Goggles: My Dilemma with Sunglasses is Finally Over

For a long time, it was hard for me. [Cue violin music] All the sunglasses I’d buy in the stores were so big and round. Not a good fit for my chinky eyes. But now Oakley has answered my prayers! … Continue reading

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Duke: Interracial duos find themselves in the minority

A anonymous reader forwarded a link to The [Duke] Chronicle about this article, “Interracial duos find themselves in the minority:” “In the giant melting pot that is America, racial lines are becoming blurred and even erased in some cases. … Continue reading

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Stuff White People Like

From my friend Jason over twitter: Stuff White People Like, which is a blog about, uhm, stuff that white people like. Examples include recycling, Whole Foods, Arts Degrees and – bring on the flame wars – Asian girls. I’m assuming … Continue reading

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Huntington Library’s new garden celebrates Chinese culture

If you have ever lived or visited Los Angeles, a nice relaxing stop is to visit the Hunting Library’s garden in San Marino. The Los Angeles Times (2/17/08) reports that the “Huntington Library’s new garden celebrates Chinese culture“: “In the … Continue reading

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