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What Would Yellow Ranger Do?

This wonderfully smart cartoon by Shing Yin Khor about a favorite nineties Asian American icon has been making the social media rounds and if you haven’t seen it yet, take five seconds and read it. It is, as The Toast … Continue reading

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Asian American Christianity and Linsanity

(Image from the Christian Film Database) Authors Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell offer an interesting statistic in American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us about the connection between being religious and one’s ethnic identity: Do other minority groups also have … Continue reading

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‘If You Are In A Shell…’ Painted Choreography by Harry Shum, Jr

Here is the video I did with Ze Frank from @BuzzFeed “If You Are In A Shell” Enjoy! — Harry Shum Jr (@iharryshum) December 27, 2013 Many of us were painfully shy as children (I was), but most of … Continue reading

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PBS’s Independent Lens Presents ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ Available Online for Free

At 8Asians, we’ve reviewed the highly acclaimed documentary back in March of 2012, ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi,’ but I only recently caught the film when I noticed on Facebook that the documentary was going to be airing as part of … Continue reading

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P&G: Proud Sponsor of Mom’s – Raising an Olympian: Julie Chu – Thank You, Mom I caught this sponsored video link posted on the Front Page of Yahoo! I swear I thought 8Asians had blogged about this amazing woman, but I can’t seem to find any specific posts on her. Chu is the first … Continue reading

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8$: Short Film ‘For The Love Of Unicorns’

8$ is a series which occasionally highlights interesting crowdfunding projects. Every day, the 8Asians team is inundated by many worthy pitches. We are unable to highlight every one that comes our way, or even the ones we might individually support. … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: | No Buyer’s Remorse I saw this TV ad during Monday Night Football when the San Francisco 49ers were playing their last regular season game in Candlestick Park against the Atlanta Falcons. The last TrueCar commercial I saw also had featured an Asian … Continue reading

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Din Tai Fung in University Village in Seattle Now Open

Back in May, I had written about another Din Tai Fung opening in the Greater Seattle area – in the University Village section of town. Well, the new Din Tai Fung is now open! Here are the details: “The new … Continue reading

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Tiger Parent Worship in HBO’s ‘State of Play: Trophy Kids’

“If she’s crying that’s good, because I’m going to make her tough.” – Andre Avery, after making his daughter cry with his criticism her golf play In a documentary full of disturbing parental behavior, one thing that particularly disturbs me … Continue reading

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Stephanie Chang Running for Michigan State Representative, District 6

I was first introduced to Stephanie Chang through Ho Chie Tsai, who I often affectionately have termed the “Godfather of the [2nd Generation] Taiwanese American community.” Like myself, Chang is a Taiwanese American. In early November, Chang announced publicly her … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Bank of America’s Better Balance Rewards I like this mother & daughter ad I’ve been seeing on TV lately. The ads show what a typical mom might be doing with her typical daughter. I do wonder if the mom is a single mom, since we … Continue reading

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