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Ben Hwang is involved in a number of online publications and also writes at his personal blog, LUX.ET.UMBRA. When he's not in the middle of starting companies and dreaming up new ventures, he is heavily involved in local community efforts. Currently resides in North Carolina.

Chinese Mother Chains Mentally Ill Son For 23 Years

I don’t know what to make of this story about a Chinese mother who has kept her mentally ill son chained up for 23 years. You really don’t think that anyone would ever do something like this, but basically the … Continue reading

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Chinese Premier Confident on US Outlook

Food for thought from the New York Times: The Chinese Premier is meeting with US counterparts and talking as if the US economic smackdown is just a passing phase. Amusingly, this carries a little bit of bias, considering that the … Continue reading

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Asian Markets Shoot For Fourth Week Of Downturn

It seems like we just can’t get out of this slump when it comes to the economy, and these days, it’s global. Just look towards Asia if you want an indication on how the day might fare, with stocks there … Continue reading

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ToyToyota’s Backseat Driver Allows Just That This Backseat Driver app from ToyToyota is awesome. It’s an iPhone app that allows kids to drive on a virtual road in their virtual cars where the lanes are created by the car’s GPS. It’s easier just to watch … Continue reading

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Peter Shinkoda in Falling Skies

Falling Skies, which premiered on June 19th, is a science fiction drama about human beings are fighting to survive on Earth in a pretty classical alien invasion story, but what really caught my attention was the fact that they had … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: American Apparel

This beautifully slowed down Asian hipster kids bboying out to Clair de Lune is directed by Tony Kelly. I’m actually in awe that little guy is running that helicopter like crazy. It’s one of those Asian American culture things that … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: China Forcing Prisoners in Virtual Gold Farming

Having been a game reviewer for ages who hasn’t found a genre of video games that I didn’t like, I’m not surprised when I read that China had gold farming prisons. I actually have participated in gold farming in games … Continue reading

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Thor Trailer: Differences Between US and Asian Versions

The Thor trailer has been released for Asian countries, and seeing that I just saw the movie here in the States, I figured that it was worth checking out the differences. SPOILER ALERT: Just in case I might be talking … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Necomini Wearable Cat Ears Powered By Your Mind

ZOMG. I’m totally getting some of these Neurowear “necomini” ears that can move based on your brain signals. No, not for my wife. For ME. Yes. I’ve always had this secret fantasy of being cosplaying as Naoto from FLCL and … Continue reading

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