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‘Attack on Titan’ Live Action Movie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvU3ExhdB30 It seems like just yesterday I was suffering from Attack on Titan PTSD. As the new season has not yet been released, apparently, the anime and manga have been popular enough for them to go all out and make … Continue reading

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Traveling Japan: Conbini (Convenience Stores)

Last year, I wrote about Taiwan’s convenience stores being awesome. Japan’s are pretty awesome too. I remember one time, a couple decades ago, I found convenient stores in Japan selling Play Stations. Japan has a reputation of being too expensive, … Continue reading

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Traveling Japan: Ekiben

Although taking leftovers to-go from a restaurant is not common practice (try not to ask for it as restaurant staff may freak out wondering how to fulfill your request), the Japanese have pretty much perfected the art of the train … Continue reading

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Traveling Japan: Public Transportation

One of the reasons my friends and I had chosen Japan as a destination was because of the incredibly convenient public transportation system. Japan Railway The first thing my mom asked me when I told her I was going to … Continue reading

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McGraw-Hill Denies Japan’s Request to Remove Comfort Women from Textbooks

Good for McGraw-Hill. Seriously, the nerve of the Japanese government to try to extend their censorship to the United States. I remember on one of my family visits to Japan and Taiwan in college, I was reading Iris Chang’s (R.I.P.) … Continue reading

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Invicta FC11 Inoue Loses by Decision to Grasso

Your co-main event for tomorrow night @alexa_grasso vs. Mizuki Inoue | #InvictaFC11 A photo posted by Invicta Fighting Championship (@invictafc) on Feb 26, 2015 at 6:34pm PST Mexico’s Alexa Grasso defeated Japan’s Mizuki Inoue in last Friday’s Invicta FC11 event … Continue reading

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Traveling Taiwan: Alishan Old Train Station (Part 20D of 24)

When Taiwan was handed over to Japan by China, the Japanese found lots of desirable wood on Alishan mountain and promptly began to build railroads to support the logging industry they established here. Luckily, the logging fell out of economic … Continue reading

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“Attack on Titan” Anime PTSD

After watching the new anime “Attack on Titan”, I have been suffering from mild insomnia, having sudden flashback attacks, and lapsing into waking dreams where I’m replaying scenes from the show over and over again in my mind. I feel … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade is basically a sports anime. Sports anime are ones that focus on a sport or activity through which a main protagonist, with a cohort of friends providing plenty of back stories to explore, works on improving in that … Continue reading

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Rurouni Kenshin Reboot

I admit, there was a time when I was tempted to walk into a kendo dojo and ask if they taught Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu (Flying Heavenly Govern Sword-Style). Sounds impressive right? Except that it’s a fictional sword art. That’s right. Fake. … Continue reading

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8Asians Chats With…The Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival

The Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival celebrates its Sweet 16th birthday Nov 6-11 in Toronto and Nov 16-17 in Richmond Hill. I sat with Aram Siu-Wai Collier, the Director of Programming for this year’s festival to go over some of … Continue reading

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Bay Area Giveaway: Advanced Screening Tickets for Takeshi Kitano’s ‘Outrage’

A few weeks ago, some lucky 8Asians readers in Los Angeles were able to see Outrage, the new film from Japan’s legendary Takeshi Kitano (ZATOICHI: THE BLIND SWORDSMAN, BROTHER, VIOLENT COP). Now it’s time for our readers in the Bay … Continue reading

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