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Masa’s Jpop vs Kpop vs USpop Mash-Ups

Ernie’s recent post on Mr. Sassy’s rendition of Mariah’s Touch My Body inspired me to finally get this post written. For those who listen to POP 88 may already be familiar with one of my favorite DJ’s whom I discovered … Continue reading

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Reviews in 88 words or less – Toronto Reel Asian Festival – Part Deux

In an effort to keep promises, here’s part two of some of the films you can enjoy at this year’s Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival. Wonderful Town – director Aditya Assarat – Thailand Four years after the devastation of the … Continue reading

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Sassy Korean Guy Sings Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body”

No comment needed, although I like how he does the “point in the air” thing at random times throughout the song. Or how he touches his body at the 1 minute, 58 second mark. Because, you know, that’s the name … Continue reading

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Irvine, California Elects Sukhee Kang as Mayor

Irvine, California elected its first non-white mayor last Tuesday, as reported in The Los Angeles Times: “…Irvine is more than one-third Asian American and is home to a large Iranian American community. And on Tuesday, voters here elected the city’s … Continue reading

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Bhutanese Change We Can Believe In!

It looks like my previous post about the hottie King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, was a hit. Even though Efren is asking for “more pics” (dood, it’s called Google Image Search!), I’m going to at least attempt to … Continue reading

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Kristi Yamaguchi in “Faces of Influenza” Public Service Announcement

I’ve been watching a lot of cable television lately due to the election (CNN, MSNBC) and have been noticing a lot of “Faces of Influenza” PSA’s. Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic Gold medalist and the most recent Dancing with the Stars winner, … Continue reading

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12th Annual Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival – Reviews in 88 words or less, Part 1

The 12th Annual Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival kicks off this coming Wednesday, November 12th at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto’s Annex Village and runs till Sunday, November 16th. Billed as one of the best little film festival the city … Continue reading

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The King of Bhutan is HOT!

From Wikipedia: Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is the fifth Dragon King of Bhutan and head of the Wangchuck dynasty. He became king on 14 December 2006, and was officially crowned on 6 November 2008. He is currently the world’s youngest … Continue reading

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So when are we going to see an Asian American President on mainstream TV or in the movies?

One day a reality or just Photoshop? The New York Times just did a story about “Before Obama, There Was Bill Cosby,” which I found quite coincidental, since I was contemplating recently with all the Obama election victory coverage about … Continue reading

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Phillipe Nover: Healer by Day, Fighter by Night

Why can’t you have muscles like that?” asked Number Two Son. “I do,” I replied.  “They are just covered by a protective layer of fat!” The above is the conversation that my son usually has with me when he sees … Continue reading

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POP 88 #23 – Ballad Special

For regular listeners, and those who subscribe over at would already know this has been out for about a week. (Sorry for the delay in posting this here.) In this episode, thanks to an overwhelming amount of response is … Continue reading

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I want my Barack Obama (Aobama?) Coffee & Instant Noodles!

The Telegraph reports that Chinese businesses have gone nuts over President-Elect Barack Obama and that businesses are registering to use his name as a trademark on everything from instant noodles to children’s clothes, to coffee and even wooden logs. None … Continue reading

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