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Truth Stranger Than Fiction: Rob Lowe Woos Chinese Officials

This week, Los Angeles is hosting the Governors’ Global Climate Summit with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger playing lead host. The Chinese delegation arrived a day early, so Schwarzenegger thought that it would be wise to entertain the visitors: “… Lowe arranged, … Continue reading

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The SiPort Killings and the Death of the American Dream

If you’re in the Bay Area or you work in the tech industry, you may be acutely aware of Jing Wu, the lead QA Engineer from SiPort who was fired, then returned to his office later that day to shoot … Continue reading

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Praxis Language Releases Additional Language Podcasts

I was talking to a friend of mine and he asked if I’ve ever heard of Chinesepod. In fact, I had a long time ago — John had previously blogged about Praxis Language and its predecessor, ChinesePod — but apparently … Continue reading

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Too many look-alike Asians? The curious case of Gail Kim and Lena Yada

Gail Kim, an Asian-Canadian who is one of the top female professional wrestlers today, recently left the TNA wrestling promotion to join the WWE.  Coincidentally, (or may not so coincidentally), Lena Yada was released from WWE.  While the official reason … Continue reading

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Goh Nakamura’s Ulysses

Face it — if your life were an indie movie, Goh Nakamura’s music would be playing in the background. You know, as you sit in a San Francisco coffee shop, getting dumped by your girlfriend while her “it’s not you … Continue reading

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Asian Baby With 16 Toes!!

This news is pertinent to the 8Asians community because it involves an Asian baby, and as we all know, Asian babies are the cutest babies on Earth. However, our highly-sought status from creating the world’s most cuddly sentient creatures is … Continue reading

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No on 8: How NOT to Run an Initiative Campaign

Given the passage of California Proposition 8 which attempts to add an amendment in the state constitution to ban marriage among same-sex couples, there’s been a lot of finger pointing at who’s to blame.  Given the statistics that have been … Continue reading

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Education Improves Your Health (If You’re a Drunk Korean Guy That Smokes)

The Healthcare Economist recently wrote about a clinical study published in the Journal of Health Economics that examined whether education correlates with healthy behaviors. And it seemed to prove true; those who are educated saw their doctors more often and … Continue reading

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Blog Tour: Christine Son’s “Off the Menu”

I love “chick-lit,” also known as fiction written for and targeted to young, working women in their twenties and thirties.  I must say, it’s about time chick-lit is written by and for Asian American women, and Christine Son’s Off the … Continue reading

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Junshien Shoots Ya Good

Ever since my cousin in the Bay Area added this guy to her Facebook, I’ve been watching and paying attention. And if you happen to be close, wedding and portrait photographer Junshien has got to be worth every penny in … Continue reading

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Chinese “Shanzhai” Brands

This lesson is courtesy of “Shanzhai” (山寨) = shan1 zhai4 = literally “mountain stronghold” in reference to historical warlord holdouts that were outside of government control. A “shanzhai” edition product thus refers to products outside of government regulations that … Continue reading

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Do you know a Grace Kim? Meet Playboy’s Miss November 2008

Do you know a Grace Kim? That is a very common name… I’m sure Korean American parents all over America are wondering if their daughter, Grace Kim, is indeed the Grace Kim that they’ve heard from friends and family that … Continue reading

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