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Inside Out Project: Calling Artists in NYC

So what’s this Inside Out Project? Well, it was founded by JR, winner of a TED prize. As a part of this project, Stefanie emailed us saying that she’s working on a project specifically to talk about the under-representation of Asian … Continue reading

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Sikh Teenager’s Rap Video Against Bullying Wins Contest, Showcased at Film Festival

While Asian Americans are the most bullied students in school, among them Sikhs are a particularly tempting target, especially after 9/11 where they are often taunted with the label of “terrorist.  Gulshan Singh made “Let it Out” as an entry … Continue reading

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Big Inari Sushi Kitty Pillow

It’s been a long time since we featured an item focused on our favorite thing: sushi. So when we found this Big Inari Sushi Kitty Pillow ($29.99), we had to jump on the opportunity. Measuring a whopping 14 inches across, … Continue reading

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Can One Baby Girl Change A Nation?

India is one of those countries where there’s a serious imbalance between males and females, where the number of male babies seems to outstrip that of females every year, even with laws against gender selection. The birth this week of … Continue reading

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CNN: Why Yul Kwon Ditched Law for TV

Yul Kwon was recently interviewed for CNN’s “In America – You define America. What defines you?” blog about identity.  If you’ve seen him speak before, I don’t think this interview necessarily reveals anything too new, but you can watch or … Continue reading

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The First 8Asians Vlog Where We Wish Were Disgrasian

This is probably the most embarrassing post I’ve ever had to write (not counting the one about my butt). Welcome to the very first 8Asians vlog. You see, while we’re all about writing, sometimes we wish we had a little … Continue reading

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The College Admissions Game, Part 3: An Admissions Officer Speaks

College admissions officers have been criticized about things like caps on Asians Americans and decisions about who gets in and who does not. But what do they really think?  The Daughter’s high school held a session where a college admissions … Continue reading

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Nintendo Controller Tracksuit

As winter nears, it’s harder and harder to show your personality, especially since geeky clothes are usually limited to things like t-shirts. Sure, you could buy a geeky hoodie but a track-suit is all the more fashionable. This Nintendo Controller … Continue reading

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Japanese Restaurant Charged With Serving Sake To Toddler

A two-year-old was served sake at a Japanese restaurant in Ohio and “served” may be an overstatement. The cook, Mingyang Zhu, after giving rice wine to all the adults at the table, apparently squirted some sake into the youngster’s mouth … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Elects First Asian American, David Oh, to City Council

After counting the provisional ballots from election day last week, Philadelphia has spoken. In a nail-biter, Republican David Oh edged out his opponent: Oh today finally bested Al Taubenberger in last week’s election, after absentee, military and provisional ballots were … Continue reading

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Asians Make Up Only 0.4% Of Stars On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

In light of Shakira’s recent addition to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, CNN’s recent article on minorities in Hollywood calculates some fairly depressing statistics on diversity in the biz – only 0.4% of the 2,354 stars are Asians. That’s TEN STARS. … Continue reading

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Asian Egg Donors In High Demand

If you’ve been trying to have children without success, and you’ve investigated IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), then it’s probably not a surprise to you that there are fees associated with acquiring eggs from an egg donor. It’s probably also not … Continue reading

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