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Extraordinary Measures: Another Case of Yellowface in Hollywood

When I first saw the movie poster for Extraordinary Measures, starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, I had no idea what it was about. I guessed Harrison Ford played some kind of heroic character, but beyond that, I had no … Continue reading

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Vote for 8Asians in the 2010 Bloggies; Nominated for “Best Group Weblog”

The Bloggies are the web’s longest-running non-profit, reader voted weblog awards. It’s like the Oscars for bloggers, but with no golden statue at the end. And like the Oscars, it’s an honor just to be nominated! For the second year … Continue reading

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8Asians’ Joz on the Cover of TIME!

Okay, so maybe that’s only partially true. Remember Joz’s hilarious discovery that the blink detection feature discriminated against her and her brother’s Asian eyes? The photo and accompanying story made its way around the Internet, but today, Time featured Joz … Continue reading

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The Best Chinese Restaurants in the U.S.

The awards for the best Chinese Restaurants in the U.S. were handed out earlier in January at the sixth annual awards ceremony in Las Vegas for the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants. I was surprised to hear about this, as I … Continue reading

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Justin Lin: I Lose Money Creating Asian American Films

From Justin Lin, director and producer of Asian American movies like Better Luck Tomorrow and Finishing the Game: “Here are the facts: there’s no defined audience and the numbers just are not there. Also, very rarely do Asian American films … Continue reading

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Mixed Feelings: When Others Assume You’re Half-Asian

By Mandy I’m 100% Korean. But a lot of people – mostly Asians, in fact – mistake me for being half-white. To be honest, my gut reaction is glee. Half-Asian girls are always gorgeous, so being mistaken for one – … Continue reading

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Being the Foreigner: Privilege is Not a Color

By Mandy Throughout college, particularly as an anthropology major at a liberal arts school, “privilege” was a term that arose in just about every discursive situation. We read about it in analytical texts, fought about its applicability to ethics and … Continue reading

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Is Jeremy Lin finally getting more respect?

On the face of it, Jeremy Lin seems to be getting more respect and exposure.  Time Magazine has an article on him called “Harvard’s Hoop Star is Asian.  Why is that a problem?” The article talks about the double novelty … Continue reading

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Trailer for 2010 The Karate Kid Remake with Jackie Chan Released

Which is awesome, how they’re totally doing karate. Oh, wait. –Ernie Oh, where to start with the mockery? Let’s start with the whole karate/kung-fu thing. Simply put: Karate = Japan; Kung-Fu = China. Martial arts nerds can go on about … Continue reading

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WTF: How To Master Asian Beauty Secrets

Hey, readers! Are you not Asian? Have you always wondering why Asians look so beautiful? Well, today is your lucky day, because this video tutorial is going to teach you all of our ancient cultural secrets on maintaining youthful skin … Continue reading

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Does Santa Exist For Asian Americans?

I came to the U.S. when I was only 2 years old. As an Asian American immigrant child in a family where money was stretched thin, there wasn’t even the hint that Santa could be real in our household. We … Continue reading

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Olivia Munn on Maxim’s Jan 2010 Cover

Asian (or half Asian) women have done it again! G4 co-host and every geek’s wet dream Olivia Munn is gracing the January 2010 cover of Maxim Magazine. You can check out the full photo spread directly on their site, in … Continue reading

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