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Asian Americans Now a Majority of Silicon Valley Tech Workers

You won’t be able to tell from Bravo’s Silicon Valley show, but Asian Americans now make up the majority of Tech workers in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.  2010 Census data reveals that the Asian American share … Continue reading

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How One Transgender Korean American Found Inspiration From Her Birth Mother

Andy Marra, a Korean adoptee, shares the touching story about tracking down her Korean birth mother, whose love and acceptance allowed her to continue her male-to-female transition: “To this day I am astounded by my mother’s supernatural intuition despite the … Continue reading

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Asian American UFC Fighters On FOX 5

The fight card of UFC on FOX 5 seems to have an unusually large number of Asian American fighters.  Benson Henderson defends his lightweight title against Nate Diaz, with BJ Penn also on the main card.  On the preliminary card, … Continue reading

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Seventh Soldier In Danny Chen Abuse Case Receives Mix of Verdicts

Staff Sargent Andrew J. Van Bockel, the seventh soldier courtmartialed in association with Private Danny Chen’s suicide, received a mix of verdicts on November 20. He was convicted of hazing Chen, allowing Chen to be hazed, and maltreating Chen by … Continue reading

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Racist Tweets About Psy’s American Music Awards Performance

While I thought that the MC Hammer/Psy Mashup that Psy performed on the American Music Awards was awesome, these racist tweets indicate that not everyone thought that Psy was great.   I checked on some of these tweets, and while some … Continue reading

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Sixth Soldier in Danny Chen Abuse Case Gets Demoted

Sergent Jeffrey T. Hurst had his rank reduced and was sentenced to hard labor for a dereliction of duty charge associated with Private Danny Chen’s suicide.  He was found not guilty of charges of hazing and maltreatment, and his hard … Continue reading

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Cung Le KOs Franklin in First Round

Completely ignoring my concerns that he had so much on his plate that it might affect his performance, Cung Le knocked out Rich Franklin in the first round of their match. Le called it a “lucky punch.” I was surprised … Continue reading

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Asian American Voters Side With Democrats Over Republicans

One interesting (and not very surprising) statistic to come out of Election Day is the racial and gender disparities between political parties. Francis Wilkinson from Bloomberg View writes about how Asian American voters are sending a message to the Republican … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Alert: Lower Manhattan Chinatown Needs Volunteers to Help

“In the aftermath of [Hurricane] Sandy, Chinatown residents need your help! CAAAV offices will be open to collect food/water, batteries, and flashlights. Volunteers are needed to pass out flyers and food, check in on tenants, and more. Also, if have … Continue reading

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NYU Shanghai: First US China Joint College Established

NYU Shanghai, the first US China Joint College, was established this month.  A joint venture of New York University and Shanghai’s East China Normal University, the school will open its doors next year to some 300 students of which about … Continue reading

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Soldier In Danny Chen Case Found Guilty Of Additional Charges

On October 11, Army Specialist Travis Carden received a dishonorable discharge for additional charges associated with the Danny Chen case. Carden plead guilty to a number of charges including obstructing an investigation and assaulting another soldier. He received a 10 … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Couple Sues Admissions Consultant For $2 Million After Sons Rejected From Harvard

A Hong Kong couple is suing an “Education Consultant” for the $2 million that they paid to get their sons into Harvard. The suit alleges that Mark Zimny of IvyAdmit Consulting Associates asked Gerald and Lily Chow to entrust money … Continue reading

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