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Today is Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s Birthday

Today Google’s daily doodle celebrates Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole‘s birthday and includes the above video.  His version of Somewhere of the Rainbow is well known, and I personally think of it before Judy Garland’s.  It was said to have inspired the … Continue reading

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8Tracks Review: ‘Elemental’ by Taimane

https://youtu.be/VrjkDFyBOn4 Elemental by Taimane independent, 2018 What’s your label? Taimane Gardner’s new album dropped last week.  Elemental is a mostly instrumental blending of many styles, as one would expect from this ukulele virtuoso.  Her FB bio says, Taimane translates to “diamond” … Continue reading

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The meaning behind ‘Maile,’ the name of Tammy Duckworth’s new daughter

ICYMI: Senator Tammy Duckworth gave birth to her second child, a girl named Maile Pearl, April 9.  The junior senator from Illinois is the first member of the Senate to give birth while in office.  This past Wednesday, the Senate … Continue reading

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A Hawaiian Language Short: Until the Sun Sets

On 8asians, we have often talked about how are AAPI voices are not presented in mainstream media, but one voice that is seldom heard, whether in mainstream media or online, is that of Native Hawaiians.  That’s why Until The Sun … Continue reading

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The Descendants Review: Justified Whitewashing?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh0MD9vtzmg I first heard about The Descendants movie from Susan‘s post that asked if this movie was a “whitewashed” version of Hawaii. After garnering attention with a Golden Globe Award and Oscar nominations, the Wife and I were intrigued.  George … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Singer’s “Occupy” Song At Obama Summit

With the refrain, “We’ll occupy the streets, we’ll occupy the courts, we’ll occupy the offices of you, till you do the bidding of the many, not the few,” Hawaiian singer Makana’s song, “We Are The Many,” “turned a top-security dinner of … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin, Hawaii, and Our Imaginations

I’m not going to even comment on Sarah Palin. It is too easy. I try not to pick on people who are intellectually inferior. What I do want to discuss is her (and other people’s) conceptions of Hawaii. First, let’s … Continue reading

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Did “Asians Scare Sarah Palin Away” from Hawaii?

I never thought that we’d ever have a reason to write about Sarah Palin on this blog, but here it is. With the release of her book “Going Rogue,” come opportunities for her to put a few things out for … Continue reading

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Asian-American Youth and Juvenile Diabetes

When Number One Son first started playing on a mostly Asian-American basketball team at his school, two out of 8 kids on his squad had diabetes and had to take insulin.   So after Tim forwarded this article from the Honolulu … Continue reading

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