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Asian Beatboxing: Daichi & Hikakin

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B74s4MgQ1rw I am amazed at how people could even attempt to make the sounds they do through beatboxing. But just as Asians have started to dominate the bboy scene, it seems that they are starting to go crazy also with … Continue reading

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David Choi Gives Birth to Sophomore Album “By My Side”

I admit, before I was even told that David Choi has released By My Side — his second album — I haven’t listened to any of his stuff since he made that cute single with Kina Grannis, My Time With … Continue reading

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Audio Fiction Interview with channelAPA.com

As part of their East Coast tour, channelAPA.com sat down with Audio Fiction’s lead guitarist Charles Park and drummer/manager Mark O’Toole. This indie group has leveraged the online medium to their advantage from selling music through iTunes to getting on … Continue reading

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ChannelAPA on the East Coast

What’s up everybody? This is Steve from channelAPA.com, and I just want to say that I’m very enthusiastic about the partnership that we’ve formed with our friends here at 8Asians! Along with the videos that you’ll be seeing on channelAPA’s … Continue reading

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Preorder Stairwells with Kina Grannis

It’s been while since my interview with Kina Grannis, about three years now me thinks, and it’s been a long ride. But the wait is finally over with a fabulous album coming out called “Stairwells” after winning the Interscope contract … Continue reading

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LA Art & Music Show for Urban Clothing Company “Teruo Artistry”

There’s a ton of stuff going on in L.A. all the time, but if you love music & art, check out this awesome event “BY ANY DREAMS NECESSARY” featuring work by artist and designer Timothy Teruo Watters, a hapa, who … Continue reading

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Dawen covers Jay Sean’s “Down”

The curse of a great song like Jay Sean’s “Down,” the kind which hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, is that it gets played it like a million times on the radio until you don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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Harry Shum Jr Has the Moves in Glee and the New iPod Nano Commercial

iPod Nano Commercial Video Camera from Harry Shum on Vimeo. It’s Wednesday night, which means it’s Glee night! In honor of my favorite new show of the season, I’d like to give a shout-out to Harry Shum, Jr. We haven’t … Continue reading

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Music Video from Asian American Movie “The People I’ve Slept With” Banned from YouTube

“Crazy Fucked Up Bitch” Official Uncut Version from People Pictures on Vimeo. It probably goes without saying that this post and all related items may be NSFW, so consider yourself warned. I know we’re not able to cover every single … Continue reading

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Reactions to Michael Jackson’s death in Asia

The death of Michael Jackson has unleashed a lot of craziness here in Los Angeles, as it has been the location of his death and memorial service, as well as “home base” for the Jackson Family (via their Encino compound). … Continue reading

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L.A. ticket giveaway: Concert of Korean pop performers Shin Hae Chul and N.EX.T. on July 4

My 4th of July* is usually associated with fireworks, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, concerts, baseball games, and various other events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the good ol’ US of A. If I hadn’t already made plans to be … Continue reading

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