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Korean Food Gallery Hungry For Korean Food Enthusiasts

I absolutely freakin’ love Korean food. Now, it may be the Korean pride in me talking but I think non-Koreans here can agree that for those who have tried it, the food is pretty fantastic. Whether it be the kimchi, … Continue reading

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Justin Lin Set To Direct New Terminator Movie

Fast Five director Justin Lin is confirmed to take on the next Terminator movie and the best part is that Arnold Schwarznegger is also returning to his iconic role. Remember when he was all like “I’ll be back?” He totally … Continue reading

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No Asians in Cast ‘The Hunger Games’ Film

As an avid Hunger Games fan, I have been obsessively following the binge casting that has happened this week for the movie adaptation. This past week alone, they cast four tributes (fans of the book will know what I am … Continue reading

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JustOneCrane: Origami Cranes for Save The Children Japan

Our friends over at Absolutely Fobulous are spearheading a campaign to help raise money for Save The Children Japan based on the Japanese tradition of folding 1,000 paper cranes to spread the message of hope and love. You, too, can … Continue reading

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When East Meets West: The Journey Of My Mixed Asian Name

By Guybe I used to despise the first day of school. Teachers would go down the class list calling out names and I could tell when they got to mine by their confused looks and their long, silent pause. I … Continue reading

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“At Least” 58 Chinese Americans Fought in the Civil War

Remember that episode of Pushing Daisies where Ned gets in a fight with a Chinese descendant of a Confederate soldier with a charming southern drawl? Surprise, there is evidence that Chinese Americans fought under the Confederacy: “Even though there were … Continue reading

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What Asian American (and Asian) Kids Watch on the Internet: Wong Fu’s “Strangers, Again”

I noticed The Daughter getting worked up and emotional while watching a YouTube video, and when I went over to look at what she was watching, she said, “You have to watch this.”  I took a look at the video, … Continue reading

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College, Stress and Asian American Wellness

As high school students make their final decisions about where they’ll spend the next (usually) four years of their lives, the Daily Beast has decided which of these colleges are the most stressful. Basing their rankings off of a mixture … Continue reading

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L.A. Giveaway: Tickets to ‘One Kine Day’ or ‘Red Light Revolution’ at LAAPFF 2011

UPDATE 4/26/2011 @ 12:30pm: Tickets for RED LIGHT REVOLUTION are no longer available. Congratulations to the lucky winners who will see RED LIGHT REVOLUTION at LAAPFF: gilbert bustamante, Conning Chu, Michael R. Morris, Obi Okorougo, Lottie Tai! The giveaway for … Continue reading

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8Asians’ The A-Word: Episode #3 – Sexism, Masculinity, Blondes and Keychains

“a word” [noun] – a short talk or conversation “A-Word” [noun] – a unit of the English language, starting with the letter ‘A’ 8Asians’ The A-Word — the official podcast of — aims to be a fun conversation piece … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Celebrates History of Chinese-American Food

Fans of Jennifer 8 Lee’s Fortune Cookie Chronicles may be interested in knowing that the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington DC is featuring a showcase exploring the history of Chinese food in America: “Cedric Yea, the Smithsonian’s Chairman of … Continue reading

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Jon Chu Talks About Directing ‘G.I. Joe 2’

Earlier in March, we found out that Hollywood’s Asian American token director Jon Chu was going from singing Bieber’s “Baby” to hollering “YO JOE!” In other words, he will be directing the much-anticipated sequel to G.I. Joe. Actually, calling it … Continue reading

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