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China And South Korea Discussing Free-Trade Agreement

From the Korea Herald: “South Korea and China are starting discussions toward reaching a free-trade agreement and want to establish the accord as early as possible, Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said. The first round of talks will take place this … Continue reading

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Joy Luck Club Ranked Greatest Asian American Film Of All Time

On March 31st after a conference on ranking the top 15 Asian American films, entertainment industry folks have declared that Wayne Wang’s Joy Luck Club, based on Amy Tan’s masterpiece novel, is the greatest Asian American film of all time … Continue reading

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Glee “Asian F” Episode: Truth or Stereotype?

http://youtu.be/oaPSNXdyqBE Warning: some major spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched this Glee episode yet, don’t read this. I’ve used to be a huge fan of Glee but as of recently, I’ve been tuning it off. But when news came … Continue reading

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Chinese Premier Confident on US Outlook

Food for thought from the New York Times: The Chinese Premier is meeting with US counterparts and talking as if the US economic smackdown is just a passing phase. Amusingly, this carries a little bit of bias, considering that the … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: China Forcing Prisoners in Virtual Gold Farming

Having been a game reviewer for ages who hasn’t found a genre of video games that I didn’t like, I’m not surprised when I read that China had gold farming prisons. I actually have participated in gold farming in games … Continue reading

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Red Dawn Remake Changes Villain to North Korea

The last time I checked the Red Dawn remake, their release date was put on hold indefinitely and that news alone was enough to keep me happy. But yesterday, I stumbled upon this article from Racebending that not only is … Continue reading

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Keeping Bellies Buttoned Up in China

There are a lot of Asians in the gym where I work out, and I remember one in particular. He would do intensive cardio, and after getting hot and sweaty, he would try to cool off by pulling his shirt … Continue reading

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Zigen Fund Assists in Educating Rural China

There’s something about paying it forward. Zigen does just that from what I understand. I first heard about this nonprofit through my mother. They basically travel to very rural areas of China to build schools and provide children with the … Continue reading

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Wokai Sends Money to Rural Chinese Entrepreneurs

I ran across this a while ago but haven’t had time to look into it further until now. I was searching for a microlending organization that not only was either a write-off or “investment” of sorts, but focused on China. … Continue reading

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Rent a White Guy: China Hiring Caucasians as Fake Businessman

A while ago, I had blogged about how Americans expect their business leaders to be white. When you are a Caucasian male in China, you definitely stand out as a foreigner and probably expected to be a white collar worker … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Thieves Beaten with Furniture

Next time you try to steal someone’s bag while riding a moped in China*, re-think your actions: are the contents of this purse worth being hunted down and beaten with pieces of furniture by a hoard of people? Probably not. … Continue reading

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