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China Tries to Put Best Foot Forward With Shangai World Expo

This week, News Hour is dedicating a whole series on China, including this segment which focuses on the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. I’ve been to Shanghai only once, back in 2002 and I remember seeing billboards for this event. I … Continue reading

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The Real Deal on Working in China: Wang & Li’s “Opportunities in China”

About a month or so ago, I went to a networking event titled, “Opportunities in China” organized by the National Association of Asian American Professionals – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NAAAP-SF). The guest speaker was Larry Wang, founder and … Continue reading

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Disulfiram: Anti-Alcoholism Drug Acts Like the Asian Flush

So we’ve talked WAY too much about the Asian flush here on 8Asians, meaning the immediate flushing response one gets when certain Asians–ahem, Ernie–drinks alcohol, where the symptoms can often include nausea, vomiting, and other not-so-lovely side effects when one … Continue reading

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Google Quits Bending Over For China

I find today’s tech news about about Google’s decision to refuse to censor Chinese results to be rather fascinating. There’s talk about how Google is threatening to pull out of China and open up their searches without the filters after … Continue reading

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The Tiger Woods Scandal (According to Taiwan)

Oh, Tiger Woods. You have everything in the world, including a hot model wife and a pair of multi-racial children (who I like to believe symbolize world peace and racial unity or whatever), but you just had to go mess … Continue reading

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Activisit Feng Zhenghu Caught Between China & Japan

I’ll just say it first. It’s like the Chinese version of Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal where one passenger is caught between two countries, unable to enter one country and unable to return back where he came from. Except this time, … Continue reading

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Finding Your Roots

As someone who came to the United States when I was only 2 years old, it was always expected that I would go home to visit the “mother” country. It was never hard to imagine doing, as I had plenty … Continue reading

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Mysterious Spike of Illegal Chinese Immigrants at Arizona Border

At the U.S-Mexico border, an intriguing anomaly has unfolded. Authorities report an almost ten-fold spike in arrests of illegal immigrants from China in the southern Arizona desert. The Border Patrol in the Tucson sector has caught at least 261 Chinese … Continue reading

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Should We Let Giant Pandas Go Extinct?

Over at Sina and Chinasmack, people are reacting to the remarks from English naturalist, nature photographer, BBC television presenter and author Chris Packham when he said that humans should not spend vast amounts of money to protect giant pandas, but … Continue reading

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The Snack Foods Brands You Know, with a Chinese Twist

American food companies are blazing new trails in China — with flavors, according to this CBS News Report by Celia Hatton. I enjoyed this story because she showed us examples of foodstuffs that Chinese consumers can find which look familiar, … Continue reading

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“24 City,” movie from China’s most noted contemporary filmmaker: Win tickets to opening night in SF!

UPDATE: Our winner has been selected! Congrats to Peter Lo who will be seeing 24 City this weekend. Thanks to everyone for playing and to Landmark Theatres for providing free tickets! Moye and I recently watched “Paper Heart,” which was … Continue reading

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Reactions to Michael Jackson’s death in Asia

The death of Michael Jackson has unleashed a lot of craziness here in Los Angeles, as it has been the location of his death and memorial service, as well as “home base” for the Jackson Family (via their Encino compound). … Continue reading

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