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In-N-Out Burger Opens in Taipei for 2 Hrs

Apparently Ang Lee and I are not the only people of Taiwanese descent that love In-N-Out Burgers. The chain recently decided to torture their fans in Taiwan by opening up for a planned 4 hours to sell only 300 burgers, … Continue reading

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Remembering 228: My First Lesson at the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF) Summer Camp

This piece was written for the youth participants and alumni of the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF), the oldest summer conference serving people of Taiwanese heritage. It was originally published at the TAF website and has been republished here with permission. … Continue reading

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Reverse Racism in Taiwan

By Lianne Lin I lived in Taiwan (Taipei and Taichung) for three years, and though I had an amazing time, I experienced a more harmful type of racism there than I ever have in my home country.  Born and raised … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s New Darling Baby Panda: Dumpling (Yuan Zai)

I recently learned from my mother, an avid YouTube viewer, that the first birth of a baby panda in Taiwan at Taipei Zoo has caught the adoration of the country. They had a competition to name the little dear, and … Continue reading

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Gays In Asia Hidden In A “Perfect” Marriage: ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ at LAAPFF 2013

EDITORS NOTE from Joz: 8Asians is proud to be a community co-presenter of various films at the 2013 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, presented by Visual Communications. http://youtu.be/9eMIEViDfd0 Among the many heavy topics in the films of the Los … Continue reading

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Asian Baller Dunks On LeBron James (Or Does He?)

This video, titled “Asian Baller Schools and Dunks on Lebron James,” has been making the rounds. Lebron James was playing on an NBA goodwill tour at a game in Taiwan when, as you can see at 0:15, one of the … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of Formosa Betrayed

Formosa Betrayed is a feature film set in the 1980’s about FBI Agent Jake Kelly’s investigation of the brutal murder of a Taiwanese-American professor on U.S. soil. With the help of his partner Tom Braxton and a sharp Chicago police … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Measures: Another Case of Yellowface in Hollywood

When I first saw the movie poster for Extraordinary Measures, starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, I had no idea what it was about. I guessed Harrison Ford played some kind of heroic character, but beyond that, I had no … Continue reading

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Finding Your Roots

As someone who came to the United States when I was only 2 years old, it was always expected that I would go home to visit the “mother” country. It was never hard to imagine doing, as I had plenty … Continue reading

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Asian Kids in the Little League World Series

“She’s too fragile!” I have heard this a number of times from Asian parents as an explanation why they don’t let their daughters play sports.   I’m glad that the Filipino parents of Asian-Canadian Katie Reyes didn’t feel that way.   Katie … Continue reading

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The Whale that Exploded in the Streets of Taiwan

Yes, you read that correctly. Back in 2004, a whale exploded in the city streets of Tainan, Taiwan. Before you assume that Taiwanese geniuses have developed some sort of biological weapon of mass destruction, you should know that this accident … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s New 2009 World Games Stadium Completely Powered By Solar Energy

It’s not the Olympics but Kaohsiung, Taiwan is currently hosting the 2009 World Games (世界運動會), an international multi-sport event meant for sports that are not contested in the Olympic Games. Running from July 16 through the 26th, the games features … Continue reading

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