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Was Dr. Seuss a Racist?

This has nothing to do with anything going on now, but think of this as a public service announcement. Dr. Seuss was a racist. Yes, the lovable creator of all those wonderful children’s books was bigoted. Continue reading

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Mirai Nagasu Joins the U.S. 2010 Olympic Women Figure Skating Team

Over the weekend, Arcadia, California native and sixteen year old Mirai Nagasu came in second place in the 2010 US Figure Skating Championship to secure a spot on the U.S. women’s figure skating team for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Earlier … Continue reading

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Disulfiram: Anti-Alcoholism Drug Acts Like the Asian Flush

So we’ve talked WAY too much about the Asian flush here on 8Asians, meaning the immediate flushing response one gets when certain Asians–ahem, Ernie–drinks alcohol, where the symptoms can often include nausea, vomiting, and other not-so-lovely side effects when one … Continue reading

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Call for Art Submissions for ImaginAsian: Identity and Experience in Contemporary Asian Pacific America

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2010 and to generate funding for materials and sources for Asian American Studies collections at the Purdue University and Indiana University libraries, Kate Agathon is teaming up with the Asian American Network … Continue reading

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Marathon Cheaters in China Trying to Improve College Admission Chances

Here on 8asians, we have talked about education and the pressures to do well on college entrance exams.  We have also talked about how some Asian-Amercians parents force their kids into sports in order to have them round out their … Continue reading

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Jeff & Erin’s Epic Wedding “Save the Date” Video

If you’ve been to as many weddings as I have, then you’ve also received your fair share of “Save the Date” notices. Though I’ve seen some really creative ones cross my desk, I’ve never seen a “Save the Date” as … Continue reading

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Cultural Psychology: the Power Distance Index and Asian Culture

I read a lot of cultural psychology, and find that it is relevant to my experiences as an Asian American and explains a lot of the dynamics I see around me. I want to share some of these ideas and … Continue reading

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Funny or Die: Little Asian PC Girl vs. Mac Girl

Little asian PC girl vs. MAC parody – watch more funny videos Speaking of Kylie, looks like Funny or Die has a parody of Microsoft’s Kylie tv ad and Apple’s tv ad campaign, using battling cute Asian girls to debate … Continue reading

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8Asians’ Joz on the Cover of TIME!

Okay, so maybe that’s only partially true. Remember Joz’s hilarious discovery that the blink detection feature discriminated against her and her brother’s Asian eyes? The photo and accompanying story made its way around the Internet, but today, Time featured Joz … Continue reading

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The Best Chinese Restaurants in the U.S.

The awards for the best Chinese Restaurants in the U.S. were handed out earlier in January at the sixth annual awards ceremony in Las Vegas for the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants. I was surprised to hear about this, as I … Continue reading

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Justin Lin: I Lose Money Creating Asian American Films

From Justin Lin, director and producer of Asian American movies like Better Luck Tomorrow and Finishing the Game: “Here are the facts: there’s no defined audience and the numbers just are not there. Also, very rarely do Asian American films … Continue reading

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The Jay Leno & Conan O’Brien Animated Drama Re-enactment (According to Hong Kong & Taiwan’s Apple Daily)

From the same folks who brought you the infamous Tiger Woods midnight crash animated re-enactment, Hong Kong and Taiwan-based Apple Daily’s “action news animated round up” has almost outdone themselves with a summary of the late night NBC drama of … Continue reading

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