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Mom + MMA World Champion = What’s YOUR Excuse?

Get more pictures like this from SHERDOG.COM Credit: Dave Mandel Any moms out there looking for some serious fitness inspiration? In spring 2011, Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson became a mom, giving birth to her adorable baby girl Araya. This past … Continue reading

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In Search of Asian American Female MMA Fighters: Michelle Waterson I’ve only recently become obsessed with female MMA fighters, so I decided to embark on a search for Asian American female MMA fighters. In my search, I found Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson. My first impression when I saw all … Continue reading

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Olympic Wrestler Clarissa Chun on PBS Hawaii

During the 2012 Olympics, I read Jeff’s post about Asian Americans that were competing, and I immediately zoomed in on Clarissa Chun and became a huge fan of hers and totally rooted for her as she won the bronze. She … Continue reading

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I’m Not Maria Kang’s Target Audience

I’ve been enjoying reading Akrypti’s and Xxxtine’s articles on Maria Kang’s “What’s your excuse” picture, so as an Asian American woman myself, I just had to join the party. That and I’m sure all this publicity helps up Kang’s website … Continue reading

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Maria Kang: No Excuses for the Average “What’s Your Excuse?” “Me, I have none.” I consider myself very average, perhaps just a tad below in terms of overall lifestyle. I’m not particularly ambitious and relatively healthy with a few lifestyle adjustments to cope with inherited medical … Continue reading

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Model and Former Pageant Queen Maria Kang’s Controversial Fitness Photo and Message

The Hubby disagrees with me on this point, but of course he does. After all, he is a straight man with a pulse. Men everywhere are rushing to defend a [super hot and sexy] damsel in distress. Women, on the … Continue reading

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Real Beauty: Feeling Beautiful and the Asian American Identity

By Joy Yun After seeing Dove’s most recent “Real Beauty” Campaign video, I was inspired to write this. I generally found the piece uplifting and agree with its message. There is truth in what they are saying: when it comes to self image, as women … Continue reading

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An Unconventional Activist: Princess Joules

Julie Van Vu, better known by her YouTube vlogger handle Princess Joules, inspires me. I first stumbled upon her channel when I was searching online for eye makeup tutorials. Hers are amazing. I tried my best to replicate the above-pictured … Continue reading

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In Language Health Care Webinars Now Available

Back in May, 2013 I wrote about the availability of information on the New Healthcare Law that was available in 10 different Asian languages The presentation titled “The Health Care Law and You” was translated into 10 different Asian languages … Continue reading

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New Health Care Law Information Translated Into 10 Asian Languages

While most of us are aware there’s a new healthcare law coming, there’s probably few among the non-native speakers of English that really understand how it affects them. That’s why it’s so important the presentation titled “The Health Care Law … Continue reading

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Miss Korea 2013: One Dream, One Face

Photo: via Reddit When I first saw the candidates of Miss Korea 2013, I had no idea they were beauty pageant contestants and just remarked how even I, as an Asian female had trouble telling them apart. The beauty pageant … Continue reading

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Why Do So Many Asians Have Bowl Hair Cuts?

My wife and I have been discussing whether we should give our 1-year-old son a bowl haircut. Okay, discuss is not really what happened. I asked her if we should give him a bowl haircut, and she said, “No.” I … Continue reading

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