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Shen Yun Performing Arts: A Review of Sorts

If you live in the Bay Area or in other urban areas, you may notice that periodically, advertisements go up for a “Shen Yun Performing Arts.” These usually have a picture of a Chinese woman doing some sort of traditional … Continue reading

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8Asians Visits Asian America: Hsi Lai Temple

Visit Asian America. Asian America is not just an identity or an idea, it’s a place as well. It is America, and certain parts of America distinctly embody the Asian American homeland. Join us as we highlight different Asian American … Continue reading

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Traveling Taiwan: Lung Shan Temple, Taipei (Part 7 of 24)

The Lungshan Temple located in Taipei, Taiwan, was built in 1738 by immigrants from the Fukien (Fujian) province of China who settled in Taiwan. It is primarily a Buddhist temple but has incorporated Daoist and Matzu tradition, a Goddess of … Continue reading

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The Dropbox: South Korea Baby Box Rescue

I have no words. It took me a while to watch the promo because anything with babies makes me feel crazy raw and wrecks me for a few days. But this is strangely heartening. From Faithit: In Seoul, South Korea, … Continue reading

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Asian American Christianity and Linsanity

(Image from the Christian Film Database) Authors Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell offer an interesting statistic in American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us about the connection between being religious and one’s ethnic identity: Do other minority groups also have … Continue reading

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Dealing with Diversity: Gap responds to the Racist Defacement of an Ad

Arsalan Iftikhar, senior editor at The Islamic Monthly, posted a picture of this defaced Gap advertisement on his twitter account.  This ad featured Sikh-American designer Waris Ahluwalia and model/filmmaker Quentin Jones.  What, if anything, would the Gap do?

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Indians Who Love Steak and The Rise of Meat Consumption in Asia

“I actually didn’t eat beef growing up,” he said, with a sly smile, “because of my parents.” The thought – that perhaps he believed the silly religion of his Indian parents – was brushed away like dust off his shoulder, … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin Opens Up to 20,000 Taiwanese on Turmoil Under ‘Linsanity’ Hype NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin made his annual summer pilgrimage to Taiwan to visit family, have fun, teach at an annual youth basketball camp, and to speak at a religious youth conference: “Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin shared his … Continue reading

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Book Summary: Making Paper Cranes

One of our own has recently published a book. Mihee Kim-Kort published Making Paper Cranes: Toward an Asian American Feminist Theology. Some might call it cliche because it’s a little Joy Luck Club meets Mulan. An Asian mother teaching her Asian daughter to … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and Korean American Churches

Christian churches are strange, complicated gatherings of people where the tension between acknowledging brokenness and appearing virtuous is constantly present. Growing up in a Korean American church I always felt this awkward back and forth. People interacted with each other … Continue reading

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8Questions with 8Asians Writer Mihee Kim-Kort

A published writer, prolific blogger, feminist activist, and a faith scholar, Mihee is one of the 8Asians veteran writers. Get to know Mihee in 8Questions: Describe who you are. I’m a 2nd generation Korean American. I was born in the … Continue reading

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Sikh Woman With Facial Hair Generates Online Controversy

A Ohio State University student posted a picture of a woman with facial hair wearing a turban to Reddit in mid-September of 2012 with the caption “I’m not sure what to conclude from this.” That posting led to varied responses … Continue reading

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