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Maggie Q for La Femme Nikita TV Reboot?

Of course, three days after I blog about the lack of Asians in lead roles on TV, a friend sent me a recent article about Maggie Q being in talks to star as the female assassin lead in the CW’s remake … Continue reading

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Searching for Asian-American Actors On TV

It’s TV pilot season, which means the networks are loading up on new projects they’d like to pursue in hopes of finding the next hit series. Since I work in TV research, I hear pilot news on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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SuperBowl Ad features Doritos Samurai Throwing “Ninja Stars” and Swinging “Nunchucks”

Here’s a SuperBowl commercial that annoyed me, courtesy of Doritos. In this ad, some guys in a gym take Doritos from samurai– and suffer the consequences!!!111!!1 OMGLOLWTFBBQ! This ad was popular enough that it ranked in the Top 20 of … Continue reading

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Hiroyuki Sanada: New Asian Guy on Lost!

If you’re like me, then you’re probably sitting at your desk at work, surrounded by fanatical coworkers discussing last night’s premiere of Lost. Yes, it’s the start of the final season and yes, more questions have been asked than answered … Continue reading

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All-American Asian Mom in CVS Ad

Back in October, I had blogged about an awesome Target ad. Well now, I recently saw a pretty awesome CVS ad, with a charismatic Asian American mom with her adorable sons. Maybe this ad is only running in California (I … Continue reading

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Jon & Kate will End Forever in November

I’m not one to read or believe tabloids, but if this news is true, I’ll be thrilled. Radar reports that Jon & Kate Plus Eight “will officially end in mid to late November” because “sources outside the network [say] that … Continue reading

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Ming-Na Plays the First Lesbian Asian-American TV Series Regular on SyFy’s SGU

Ming-Na rocks. Seriously. Rocks. And I love her even though she’s seriously messing with my fall season TV mojo. The thing is, I’m really trying to limit the number of new shows I get into this season. Originally, I only … Continue reading

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“Chinese” reference on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Premiere

Because I love geeks and because I love geek humor even more, one of my favorite TV shows is The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Last night, Season 3 started with our scientist heroes (Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowitz, and Koothrappali) returning … Continue reading

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The Whale that Exploded in the Streets of Taiwan

Yes, you read that correctly. Back in 2004, a whale exploded in the city streets of Tainan, Taiwan. Before you assume that Taiwanese geniuses have developed some sort of biological weapon of mass destruction, you should know that this accident … Continue reading

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KFC vs. KGC: WTF???

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has been promoting their new offering, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, with the tagline, UNTHINK what you thought about KFC – Taste the unfried side of KFC. Joz and I both noticed that KFC is running a new, … Continue reading

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Ninja Warrior: The United States needs a Sasuke

The Japanese have some of the craziest shows ever. Distributed by Monster9 whom eventually did Viking: The Ultimate Obstacle Course. And you know it’s definitely a big deal if ESPN picked up US distribution rights for Viking. G4 picked up … Continue reading

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