Another White College Kid Rants About Asians: Is Samuel Hendrickson the New Alexandra Wallace?

UPDATE 3/9/2013 @ 10am: YouTube removed the original video for being hate speech, so I’ve updated the video embed with a mirror from LiveLeak. Thanks to commenter Aishi Yupi for providing the link.

UPDATE 3/6/2013 @ 9:30pm Pacific Time: It looks like Sam Hendrickson has deleted his Facebook page. When I looked at it a few hours ago, his page was filled with lot of Asians calling him out for his racism and a bunch of white people defending Sam’s video and saying “chill out, it’s just a joke!”

If you’re a white college kid who wants to become famous for making funny videos online, the way to get started is to post a racist video, ranting about what you don’t like about Asians… that is, if you go to the Alexandra Wallace School of Asian American Internet Infamy* (I heard this is where she ended up after leaving UCLA).

Samuel Hendrickson, a University of Southern Indiana Indiana University student, made a four-and-a-half minute video listing out ten reasons he’d “hate to be Asian”:

  1. Most Asians look alike
  2. If he was an Asian man, he’d most likely be with an Asian woman (and he doesn’t find Asian women attractive)
  3. Sweatshops suck.
  4. Smoking pot while Asian makes would make his already-chink eyes close completely
  5. He sucks at math
  6. The only way you can be in show biz if you know kung fu or if you play an Asian mobster
  7. He’d be short.
  8. He hates sushi and it would be “everywhere” if he was Asian. [He throws in a nice use of the word “Oriental” during this segment.]
  9. Asian males don’t have a “good rep.” Schools don’t accept them any more than white males, they’re not known for being good in the bedroom, and are known for having small equipment and wear tighty-whiteys
  10. Asians blur their porn

8A-2013-03-06-SamuelMichaelHendricksonYouTubeEvidently, Sam meant for this video to be a joke (according to a comment on YouTube, he says “I know not all asians look alike.. this whole video was a joke.”) and he has uploaded other so-called funny videos with his friends under the 3LetterMafia banner.

8A-2013-03-06-SamuelMichaelHendricksonApologySam also apologized on Facebook (and Twitter), saying:

I would like to really apologize to the entire Asian race and anyone else offended by my video. What I did was a joke but was not taken as one, with that being said, I sincerely am sorry for offending anyone.

Says our anonymous tipster, “this shows us that racism is alive and well today. People like this person are why we must keep fighting for equality.”

My hope is that a good parody or two comes out of this. After all, the parodies were the best things to come out of the whole Alexandra Wallace debacle.

h/t: Anonymous tipster

*This had better not be a real thing.

DUDE WTF ASIA: Japanese People Laugh at Scaredy Bear

A bunch of people sent this video to me saying that I’d find it funny, but I just watched this in horror. Basically this video is of a cute little bear cub being scared out of its wits by a baby lion, monkey and monkey’s shadow. Ok, so maybe that shadow thing was kind of funny. But overall, I thought it was pretty cruel what they were doing to the bear. Adding in the facial reactions of the Japanese variety show folks and the soundtrack of the audiences saying “Kawaii!!!” didn’t change that, but maybe I need to see the full version of this, which evidently shows the bear cub exacting its revenge on its (previous) terrorizers. What do you think?

All About

Over the last year that I’ve produced content for, I thought it was interesting that we never actually had a video of our own to explain what it is that we do. Fortunately, we’ve just compiled a promotional spot that gives you the rundown of what we’re all about. In this video, we’ve included just a handful of the many talented artists and public figures that have helped make our online broadcast become what it is today.

Special thanks goes out to our friends at Plan C Group for allowing us to use Jaeson Ma’s “Love” as well as PlayStation PULSE’s very own Christina Lee for lending her voice to our cause.

DUDE WTF ASIA: Thieves Beaten with Furniture

Next time you try to steal someone’s bag while riding a moped in China*, re-think your actions: are the contents of this purse worth being hunted down and beaten with pieces of furniture by a hoard of people? Probably not. It was an ugly handbag to begin with.

Also, check out the “hilarious” comments over at Geekologie. It’s 2010 and people are still saying “Me rove you rong time?”

* Note: I’m just assuming that it’s China. I could totally be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Japan. There aren’t enough schoolgirl uniforms.

Jeff & Erin’s Epic Wedding “Save the Date” Video

If you’ve been to as many weddings as I have, then you’ve also received your fair share of “Save the Date” notices. Though I’ve seen some really creative ones cross my desk, I’ve never seen a “Save the Date” as EPIC as Jeff & Erin’s!

Jeff Wong & Erin Martin met while they were in college in Southern California in 2000, but their love has landed them down-under– Sydney, Australia. Ten years after they first met, they are tying the knot in the Los Angeles area, and they’ve created a wedding website, a “teaser poster” and a “wedding trailer” to lead up to the wedding date. Since Jeff did some video production in college, they “started with a simple idea that was going to be a weekend project.” But then, in their own words, they “just got a little carried away.”

With all the attenion that they are getting on this trailer– they’ve been written up in HuffPo & Boing Boing— I am guessing there are going to be high expectations for their wedding. (No pressure, guys!)

I’m also guessing that they’re going to have to lockdown parts of their website which was originally started just for their friends and family. The site is already being innundated by visits from strangers who are congratulating them — and wanting to know where this wedding is going to be so they can crash it– are you with me Moye & Jee?!?!?

Anyway, congrats to Jeff and Erin and best wishes on their big day!

h/t: John

Japanese Show Demonstrates: Rise & Shine in Five Minutes

Over at Bicoastal Bitchin, I caught the above segment and found it too useful entertaining not to share. Assuming I haven’t stayed up all night due to insomnia, I usually have a hard time waking up and getting ready for work in the morning. This Japanese guy practically has it down to a science. In five minutes, he somehow manages to get up, brush his teeth, make & have breakfast, get dressed and get out the door. Damn, that’s less than one punch of the snooze button for me. Anyway, in all fairness, I will point out that this guy doesn’t use the facilities in the 5 minutes, nor does he brush his hair. And since he’s not a girl, no make-up, either.

But another reason this post caught my eye is this line from Bicoastal Bitchin:

Although, I’ve totally already mastered the 7-second food-face-cram at 3:24. Oh, and the 2-second flash disrobing at 0:20. Except I call it the “Hellooo Daniel Liu“.

Ha. I love that my cousin has a “stripper move” named after him now. Awesome.

Behind The Scenes with the Ladies of Disgrasian: Jen & Diana

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet up with Disgrasian gals for a late lunch. Even though we’re all in L.A., this is the first time we’ve had a chance to meet, sit and talk. While admittedly a lot of the conversation did indeed revolve around my cousin Daniel, the rest of the conversation was typical “getting to know each other” kind of chatter.

Sad you weren’t there? Thanks to Steve Nguyen, you can get to know Jen & Diana a little better via a fun behind-the-scenes video & interview he produced. (Check out his YouTube Channel for some of the other amazing Asian American folks he’s interviewed, as well!)

Seriously though, Jen and Diana are awesome and I can’t wait to meet up with them again so that maybe some of their coolness will rub off me. (I can hope, can’t I?!)

Wing Pang: Conan O’Brien’s “Favorite Person Ever”

This video (Conan Visits The NBC Store from 08/07/09) has been circulating our office and been cracking us up for days. I think I’ve seen it five times and I still bust up every time I see it.

The thing is, I’ve totally been in that store. I was on the Lot when they were still constructing Conan’s soundstage. And I’ve met Wing Pang. We were in the same meetings during the early phases of a project my company was doing at NBCU about a year ago — which makes it all the more funny to my coworkers who have met him and worked with him throughout this project, too.

Seeing someone I know Conan is not only kind of weird, but kind of cool. It would be a stretch to call Wing a “friend” since I only worked with him for a few weeks, but I can tell you that what you see is what you get with Wing. He’s not acting and really is just like that. I don’t know how I’d do if Conan suddenly showed up with a camera crew asking me about my lunch — I’m guessing I’d get really nervous and worry about my hair looks on TV — but I think Wing was funny, genuine, and definitely held his own with the new host of the Tonight Show. And to put it in context… that crack at the end about “Facebox” wasn’t Wing being dumb or anything. It was actually a jab at Conan for a mistake he had made earlier in the show (see Conan’s reaction).

But I guess I’m not the only one who thinks Wing is hilarious. Patrick Sauter at the Daily Tube says:

Wing Pang needs to become part of the Tonight Show’s merry band of idiots. Sooner than later. He’s got a sarcastic potty mouth, loves discount chicken, and drops the kind of idiosynchratic[sic] bon mots that meld perfectly with Conan’s workaday weirdness.

Exhbit[sic] A: “I have no reason to hate Santa.”

Wing Pang, coming to a profile in Facebox near you.

So anyway, to “Wing Like Chicken Wing,” who is probably too famous now to take my calls or read my emails: I hope to see you again as a recurring friend of Conan’s on his show! Maybe if your bodyguards will let people near you, Moye and I would each like to get your autograph. Please sign them to “Joz like Jaws” and “Moye like Annoy.” Thanks!

Music Video from Asian American Movie “The People I’ve Slept With” Banned from YouTube

“Crazy Fucked Up Bitch” Official Uncut Version from People Pictures on Vimeo.

It probably goes without saying that this post and all related items may be NSFW, so consider yourself warned.

I know we’re not able to cover every single Asian American thing out there, but I’m shocked that we haven’t mentioned the upcoming feature film The People I’ve Slept With yet. I promise we will cover the film itself in more detail as screenings start to happen, but for now you should know that the movie is a modern sex comedy about a promiscuous woman whose motto is: “a slut is nothing more than a woman with the morals of a man.” Starring Karin Anna Cheung, Wilson Cruz, Archie Kao, Lynn Chen, and James Shigeta (with 8Asians favorite Randall Park as “Mr Nice But Boring”), I love the trailer and can’t wait to see the film.

In the meantime, a couple of music videos from the movie have been released, but the second one, “Crazy F*cked Up B*tch,” was recently banned by YouTube because it features singer/songwriter the Fabulous Miss Wendy and lead actress Karin Anna Cheung — who plays the character Angela Yang — engaging in simulated sex. (If that doesn’t get people to click on the video above, I don’t know what will!) According to YouTube, the video was “removed due to terms of use violation.”

Stanley Yung, the producer of the film, admits that “it was a little risqué but there was no frontal nudity and nothing you couldn’t see on TV.” He believes the issue is bigger than just this video. “We are not only upset by the unjustified deletion but also appalled that our freedom of speech and creative expression has been censored.” He wonders what other videos get regularly deleted. The filmmakers are asking that their video be allowed to play on YouTube again.

The filmmakers of The People I’ve Slept With are committed to an open and frank discussion of sex between consenting adults. Quentin Lee, the director and producer of the film, said that “It’s silly that we still face so much sexual and moral repression in this day and age.”

I spoke to writer/producer Koji Steven Sakai about it over the weekend and asked if they were planning on cutting a version of the video specifically for YouTube. He said that there were no current plans to do so, but said that they did do a version that was for Logo, so a “YouTube cut” could possibly be in the future. (Of course, you can see the uncut video on their site, so who needs YouTube?)

Last year, the filmmakers had put out a call for photos, looking for people to submit pictures of themselves as if they had been one of Angela’s lovers. I asked if there were a lot of responses to this and Koji said that several hundred people did submit photos of themselves and that many of the photos will be seen in the movie or during the credits. Now I’m wondering if I’ll recognize anyone in these pix!

If you missed that chance to be a part of the film you can still be a part of the dialogue. The filmmakers launched “The Most Memorable Person I’ve Slept With” video contest — where people can share with the world their most unforgettable sexual experience which promises to yield some interesting responses. I personally don’t like seeing myself on video, but I challenge you to put yourself on tape on this topic!

Japanese Dog Does Squats with Owner, in Better Shape than 90% of all Americans*

Maybe you’ve seen the video of a border collie doing squats alongside a Japanese guy. No?

Is this a fluke? No! Check them out– outdoors work out!

Even though you’ll see this video out there “from” other sources, these videos were originally uploaded by Japanese YouTube user sararingosaki and this dog is crazy awesome! Check out the videos of the doggie agility runs, doggie balance ball routine, and of course, doing doggie squats sans Japanese sidekick.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally subscribing to this.

*Statistics could be a little off

h/t: Japanator

Video Zen: Cool Tak, circa 2006

Tak is so cool that he raps about how cool he is. And he’s backed by a gaggle of (semi) scantily-clad Japanese girls who chant about how cool he is.